16 October 2016


Im feeling rather hormonal and emotional today, i've been writing and photographing and scheduling blog posts and getting ready for Iris' arrival and this weekend has been full on and fun but extremely exhausting for me. As I type this, Brad's asleep on the sofa as he's randomly started throwing up after we got back in today. We're not sure why but it's selfishly making me really anxious, as well as feeling so totally terrible for him feeling like this. What a way for him to end our weekend off together ey? I am so worried now that either i'm going to come down with it, if it's a bug or i'm going to go into labour whilst he feels this terrible. Oh the worries and stresses. It's unlike him to be poorly so it's horrible to see him like this too.

Lucas is always totally the happiest when we're both home together, so i'm really looking forward to when Iris arrives and we can have 2 weeks of daddy time, although even the thought of how magical, yet fast those 2 weeks will go by and we'll be back to normality and i'll be home on my own with two children. Everything about being a mum at the moment makes me feel a little overwhelmed and it's totally strange to me that in no more than 4 weeks MAX, we'll have our baby girl in our arms and our family will be complete, possibly fully, possibly with an extra little one, one day. Who knows? I certainly don't have a crystal ball.

I'm so uncomfortable and hormones are really out in full force. I cry over the fact that i'm tired, the fact Brad's got to go to work, a Lucas tantrum, the fact we've run out of biscuits, theres rather a lot and honestly I cannot cope with at the moment. Hormones are a funny ol' thing really.

Autumn has finally arrived in the UK, and it's chilly and crisp and coats are out and I love it. Although it seems to be flying by and it will halloween before we know it. Another weird moment the other day was the fact that I couldn't sleep as I thought Brad had thrown away the receipt for Iris' halloween costume and it was stressing me out that I may not have been able to have returned it if she didn't come on time. Really silly little things are affecting me sleeping and making me really emotional.

I hope that i'll soon be a mummy to two. I'm so ready now.

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