15 October 2016


I wrote a list like this when I was pregnant with Lucas, and went into labour the next day, I thought it would be interesting to write up the same sort of post with what i'm doing to pass the time this pregnancy, especially as it will be a little different as this time I have a toddler and it's not as easy.

These are 10 things I’m doing in the very last weeks of my pregnancy. Passing the time, staying sane, keeping busy and getting organised.
Little thing’s i’ve been up too include…

1. BATHS - Relaxing in the bath most nights to help ease the discomfort and to help me sleep. I also want to be constantly clean in case I go into labour over night and I want to have clean hair, as last time my waters broke, I had plans to get up, have a shower in the morning and get ready for the midwife to come... well greasy hair in my pictures is the reality of Lucas' and thats not happening again this time.
2. GETTING LUCAS PREPARED - I wrote a blog post on this, which you can read here. But I am just spending lots of time talking to him, cuddling him, playing with him and getting him out the house on the days I feel a little less exhausted. 
3. SLEEPING WHEN I CAN - If you’re anything like me, sleeping at night is non existant, if it’s not my bumps to heavy, its the trips to the toilet! People always say to me “wait till she arrives for the sleepless nights,” and I always want to respond with “when she arrives?” I manage to get a nap in the afternoon somedays depending on the mood Lucas is in, or whether Brad is home. I'm guilty of snuggling up in bed, putting pocoyo on the laptop (Lucas has adopted this weird programme as his current favourite) and having a nap. Lucas is wonderful when it comes to snuggling up next to me, but somedays he just isn't playing ball, so my nap goes out the window.
4. ONLINE SHOPPINGBrowsing or even getting the last minute essentials, I really don’t like walking around busy west quay, shopping with a heavy bump anymore, so I am quite happy to sit at home and browse the web at all the tiny 0-3month clothes i’d love to buy for Iris but know she has more than enough and I also don't want to buy too many autumnal bits when she's getting closer to being born towards the end of Autumn.
5. PACKING AND REPACKING THE HOSPITAL BAGS - This time I have no idea when she's coming, last time I had a c-section date, but my impatient little monkey came early, so it's strange to be pregnant still, and really uncomfortable and I really don't want to forget anything. I've taken the premature baby outfits out now as they're no longer needed. I am so glad we did buy any and only planned on using the ones we used for Lucas.

6. BLOGGING - I have been scheduling and writing posts in advance in the hope being this organised will mean that she'll arrive. So far it's done nothing but mean I just have a full list of blogposts scheduled. 
7. HIBERNATING - I have hidden away from people really, as i'm just so exhausted, so uncomfortable and I can barely walk anymore and i'm in a really funny, hormonal place too, so it's easier to shut myself off from the world.
8. ORGANISING EVERYTHING - I've been washing the snuzpod sheets constantly, i've been doing the same with the moses basket, i've been also reorganising their bedroom and sorting out everything in regards to making everything homely and perfect for them both.

9. FUN TRIPS WITH LUCAS - On the days Brad's home or the days I realise I haven't left the house in a while, I tend to plan something fun for Lucas. Usually with friends or family. Getting some beautiful pictures of my son and just trying to walk this baby out... ITS NOT WORKING!
10. APPRECIATING TIME WITH BRADSpending time with Brad is so important, be it sitting on the sofa watching Sam Faiers the mummy diaries, or laying in bed on our phones, it's just being together with no children in our room before Iris arrives and we have a little lady laying next to us in the bed.

Preparing for a baby with a toddler means you spend less time thinking about it and thinking about other things.

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