18 October 2016


Since being pregnant i've been hit with the nesting bug and have been making little changes and cleaning anything and everything. I am sure you mothers and mothers to be can all relate to that.
I follow a routine most days as it helps me know that everything is done and it also helps Lucas to relate to certain times of days too.
Cleaning is currently a fun job for me, it's not always been but I am trying to keep it up everyday, so it makes it easier to keep on top of, Lucas always has a clean house to play in, Brad always comes in from work to a clean house and it also means when I do go into labour that our house is always immaculate.

Most mornings I get up and after lounging in bed with Lucas watching netflix and chilling out, we make the bed and make sure the bedroom is tidy, curtains open and I make sure it doesn't need hoovering and dusting. If it does that goes into my mental list of things to do. A tidy house, makes for a tidy mind.
After breakfast we put a wash on, we're using persil non bio currently and i'm making sure we have a constant empty washing basket. This means that we always have clean clothes and the days we are off together as a family, the basket can be left for the day as it's got barely anything in it. It makes life really easy.

I then tidy up around the house throughout the day, doing odd jobs, cleaning, putting the washing away once it's dry, and just keeping up with all the usual jobs.
Once it hits 5pm, Lucas has a wind down hour of calming tv, and thats when I tidy up his toys, and then during his dinner, I hoover, wash up, dry up and put away, then it's time for his bath.
During Lucas' bath, I clean the bathroom, bleach the toilet with domestos and then obviously it's lucas' bedtime routine.

I feel that keeping a tidy house will help teach Lucas and Iris to be tidy, clean and respect their property and home. To look after what they have and make sure that they also keep things clean and tidy.  They'll have untidy rooms and i'm sure they wont always be clean and tidy, but it will help them learn. Especially breaking the stereotypical "cleaning is a women's job" as Brad is just as hands on as me with the cleaning. Although not always up to my standard of cleaning.

After Lucas is in bed it's mummy wind down time, I run myself a bath and soak the aches and pains of pregnancy away. Being this pregnant and on the go all the time, especially with a toddler, is hard work and it really does rely on some serious mummy time in the evening. I love a pamper. Shaving my legs, washing my hair and then rubbing dove lotion over my arms and legs once i'm out of the bath and tummy butter over my tummy and getting into nice clean pyjamas and then heading downstairs to write blog posts to schedule for when I labour and have her, and to make Brad and I dinner, on his arrival home. 

Nothing beats nesting and pampering and it's something that once we're in a routine I want to continue once i'm no longer pregnant as it's made our lives so much easier. Before on mine and Brad's days off together, we'd spend the day cleaning and tidying as we lacked on routine and neither of us could get enough done around us both working.
Since being on maternity leave it has got a lot easier and i'm in a routine and the day's Brad is home, he's also in that routine and it makes life a lot easier. We have more time together and actually spend our days together doing nice things.

*This is an entry for the britmums "brightfuture" challenge*

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