7 October 2016


So you're probably either really confused or have read my social media posts and know already. Dear little Lucas has been rebranded.
This is going to either be a really good move or a really bad move; I really hope it's a good move.
I've spent the afternoon in bed today, feeling poorly, cuddling my little Lucas, eating food and making this spontaneous decision. I felt like if I didn't do it today, I never would and i'd be dearlittlelucas forever.

Now I know theres many blogs out there that didn't rebrand as they extended their family but to me it just felt so right. I felt in this shadow and didn't feel like my blog totally had it's own identity. Once the name was decided that was that. I did think about changing to wordpress too, but i'm a blogspot lover and i really didn't want to say goodbye to my blogger page and also the stress of moving all my blog posts over to wordpress this close to my due date and also the cost and having to go self hosting all just daunted me.

I wanted something that one day both my littlest darlings could read back, instead of reading back dearlittlelucas posts. I wanted something both my children were a part of and felt that Iris would just "fit in" to dearlittlelucas but didn't want her to just "fit in." I want her to be as much of a part of my blog as Lucas.

It's a very scary change, which unless you're a blogger, you wont totally get, my tots score will now drop, my DA score will now restart, and the brand i've worked hard to create is now also having to restart. I just hope it all works out. It's all very scary but exciting, sort of like the thought of the arrival of Iris really.

Our blog isn't going to change really, i'm going to make sure I still write letters to both of the children, I hope I can continue to make my blog succeed, grow and my content and photography to get better and better. I still want to post reviews of things we really do love, document our days out and to continue to be a little too honest. We're so excited for this change, but also very nervous and cannot wait to post our announcement of Iris' arrival and her birth story/vlog too... She does need to actually come out first as at the moment shes too comfy!

Welcome to our new name and rebranding. I really hope you love it and thank you for your support and for reading about our lives.


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