8 October 2016


So being a mum to a toddler means one of two things, you're either parenting the shit out of life or you're doing to opposite. Most days it's a slice of toast or three, some crackers or pom bears, fruit and water for Lucas, but very occasionally I like to get crafty, spice things up a little and use a cookie cutter and some imagination. Don't let this fool you into thinking i'm always this good... I'm not.

We were sent a voucher from Flora and britmums to take part in the lunchbox challenge. With making Lucas' last few weeks as an only child special, with lots of day trips, this was perfect for us as I begrudge paying for toddler lunches out. We purchased, tuna, sweetcorn, cucumber, raisins, apple and oranges. I cut his sandwich into a bunny and packed it in his special flora lunchbox with a "doggy" on front.
We then headed out to Manor farm country park for the day.

Day trips out with Lucas require him burning off a LOT of energy and he needs a really good lunch in order to keep up with himself. I wish he'd eat pitta or wholemeal bread, but he wont. He'll eat pitta but it has to be toasted.
Lucas hadn't tried tuna or sweetcorn in a sandwich before and he literally picked the contents out and ate it on it's own and left the bread. Why do toddlers do that?

Whilst at the farm we took a walk around looking at the animals, investigated the old wartime, victorian house and school and then took part in running around the maize maze. Watching Lucas run around wears me out, that being said I am 36 weeks pregnant. This is when I realise how important what you feed your children is. I could feed him chocolate and it would help boost his energy temporarily, but the contents of his lunchbox of a decent sandwich and fruit and veg is a lot more healthier and will help him burn it off slowly.

Lucas is a huge lover of fruit. He's obsessed with fruit and breakfast. I'm trying to make lunchtimes more exciting for him as quite frequently, he'll eat 3-4 breakfasts (a mixture of cereal and toast) and then not care for lunch and then eat dinner, as he also loves dinner. Mostly cheesy pasta.
Lucas has started saying "Ducas ungry, bweckfwast," or "Ducas ungry, ninner" but i'm trying to encourage him to tell me that he's hungry for lunch too as i'm sure if I didn't even offer it to him, he'd not miss it. Which isn't what I want.
He does love interesting lunches. Especially toast, crisps and fruit. I like to cut his toast into dinosaurs some days.

I really enjoyed this challenge as it's encouraged me to be a little more creative with Lucas' lunches and really try to push him eating less at breakfast and having 3 spread out meals a day.

*Taking part in the flora and britmums #floralunchboxchallenge*

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