6 October 2016


Lucas is a complete and utter dustbin. He would eat and eat and eat if we let him. He demands 3-4 breakfasts a day, fruit, lunch, biscuits, snacks and dinner... followed by a yogurt.
Lucas is a pretty healthy kid, but does enjoy a cheeky little snack of something unhealthy too, but we're a little strict as he does have moments where he is quite cheeky and naughty and giving him biscuits or cake will make his behaviour so much worse and I can't be dealing with that.

When we received a wonderful hamper from ALDI, filled with some amazing goodies, we were pretty excited and packed them straight in our bag as we were off out for a walk that day. Lucas was a huge fan of the smoothies. What we liked about them is they're like the Ella's kitchen ones, but cheaper and with a new baby on the way, we have to limit our spending costs and cannot justify always buying Ella's kitchen. So it's amazing that ALDI do an alternative at a lower cost.
I mean were parents and we're always on the look out for a bargain.

I packed Lucas a sandwich and instead of crisps, I packed the rice crackers, which are great, he had a few with his lunch and then a few hours later when he was peckish again, he had yet another smoothie and some more rice crackers. He enjoyed them too. I also loved the fact that he wasn't munching on crisps and it was a healthier alternative.

Luckily for us Lucas is a huge fruit lover, so it isn't hard to get his 5 a day in him, but somedays we'll run low on fruit choices and having the smoothies or the little puree pots are absolutely handy too. Lucas calls them yogurts and I give them to him after dinner some days as a break from fromage frais.
I found that everything in the hamper was really easy to pack for a day trip too.

It was great that we had some nice snacks for Lucas on hand as he ran around the new forest burning off all the energy too.

*This is an entry into the britmums linky challenge with Aldi for #mamiadaysout*

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