5 September 2016


Tomorrow i'm 33 weeks, that means we could be meeting our baby girl in 3 weeks and 4 days! If she decides to come at the same timeframe as her brother did, she could even come slightly earlier or even later! It's all up in the air but it's just absolutely crazy and exciting. I can't believe how close we are to finally meeting our baby girl. We're so close to expanding our family, so close to being 4, so close to our lives changing and so close to laying my eyes on my baby girl for the first time, cuddling her for the first time and seeing her beautiful little face.

As much as it all really excites me, it's also a really scary realisation of a lot of things too. I touched on it slightly in my last blog post but I can't believe how much is about to change in our lives and how long we've waited for this.

This time last year Brad and I were trying for a baby, we were thinking of how exciting it would to have our little family extended by one extra little person, with two tiny feet and two tiny hands and a little heart that would grow into a massive heart physically and in theory too.
Then in the October we discovered we were expecting, we were so excited, rushed out buying a big brother top and getting all excited and then on halloween all the excitement turned to heartache.

We couldn't let this change our plans and once I was settled into a new job started trying again; three months later we discovered we we're pregnant again, pregnant with this little beautiful little girl, the one were a matter of weeks away from meeting now. It feels like we've been waiting to meet her since October last year.

It's strange to think that anytime within the next 3 to 7 to maybe even 9 weeks very maximum, i'll be tucking Lucas in for possibly the last time, or making his breakfast or cuddling him as a mummy of one. I cant believe it. He's my baby boy, my little one, my first born, the eldest and he's already showing what an amazing big brother he will be.
Today my friend Maddy was telling her daughter there was a baby in my tummy and she went and touched my stomach and Lucas was like "NO, MINE, SISTER." He's so protective already.

I am so excited to finally add to our family and finally meet our daughter.

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