9 September 2016


I am your typical cliche autumnal lover. Autumn is my favourite season, Winter following second, I love everything about Autumn and i'm looking forward to some time with Lucas and Brad and then once Iris arrives doing more exciting things.
I literally cannot wait to get my autumnal scents burning, watch my green garden turn into oranges, reds and browns, smell the crisp autumn air and get out the autumn clothes and makeup without sweating it all off.
I also have an extreme excitement for the autumn activities and things we can do. Have I explained enough about how excited I am yet?

I really don't overly enjoy summer, I enjoy the days out, but hate the heat, hate suncream, hate feeling sticky, and I really hate the wasps. Autumn is perfect for me no stupid wasps, and crisp air and lovely.
I thought i'd type up our "autumn checklist" of things we want to do, like doing and are looking forward to doing.

Although they seem to be made differently this year and taste really artificial and syrupy, they are still my favourite, next to Toffee nut lattes. Starbucks is a weekly stop for us, some weeks more than once. It's the place we meet my mum, Lucas yells "Bic" as soon as we get in there as he knows Nanna will buy him his biscuit and we have a lovely catch up and drink coffee. I love the smell and flavours of the pumpkin spiced lattes so I use my limited caffeine intake allowance on these. They are so worth it.

Really cliche but it's an un-messy and dry way of teaching Lucas to have fun and be a little crazy. He cant splash in puddles without his wellies, he can't kick water at us, he cant sit in puddles and he cant pick up a puddle and throw it; Puddles are restrictive. Leaves are fun to kick, pick up, throw, stamp on and jump in and explore. Lucas loves nature and being an adventurer so I certainly will love seeing him play in leaves this year.

Grabbing crunchy leaves, pine cones, conkers and creating a masterpiece out of these and paint and glue. Making daddy a picture to come home from work too, being creative and just exploring nature in a different way. If Lucas is anything like myself and Brad he'll certainly be more creative than academic and he loves getting messy. Also filling up sensory boxes with these items for him to explore and even pumpkin spiced playdough.

Another cliche one but honestly I will be attempting to evacuate this baby if she's not here in a few weeks time so we can go on really long walks (waddles) in the woods, or by the river. We can go with Brad, my mum, either of my Nans, friends or by ourselves. Lucas is becoming really independent and amazing at long walks and just walking and I want to make sure he gets in loads of practice before he's restricted to a buggy board as i'll be pushing his sister in the pram. Also once Iris is born we'll be loving little family walks all wrapped up warm and in raincoats and wellies and making sure we're all still out of the house getting fresh air even with a newborn.
I also can't wait to get him to help collect chestnuts to bring home to eat... that brings back my childhood.

Halloween is my favourite "holiday" next to christmas, i'm sure I should have been born in America, they do it how I would. I can't wait to dress Lucas and Iris up and make halloween all fun. Go trick or treating down our road like last year before coming home for dinner and a halloween movie like hocus pocus. Halloween last year turned to heartache so i'm desperate to turn that horrible memory to a really happy one again with my two littles and Brad.

Theres not long until Lucas has to share me and Brad, so I want more days/evenings spent snuggled on the sofa with hot chocolate, blankets and a film and then once Iris arrives we can do the same and it will be great when i'm feeding her and he wants my attention, quickly make a hot chocolate, chuck on a film, snuggle and let Iris latch on! Perfect combination.

I find you stay in more over Autumn, so i'm hoping that this will help save some money, we have spent so much on days out, even just a trip to the river, ends in ice cream and lunch. We can skip that, and wait until we get home to take off our wet clothes and get our wrinkly hands and feet into warm clothes and under blankets and have snuggles under blankets again. Iris will be all toasty in her pram but I am glad Lucas doesn't mind being cold and wet (temporarily) as he's just so happy to be exploring. The weather wont stop us getting out and burning off some energy.

I am always inspired by Katie Ellisons photos of her beautiful little trio, and I think Autumn makes some of the most beautiful backdrops for photos and the light is always so perfect for those photos too. I want some beautiful shots of Lucas over Autumn as he grows, especially whilst he's still an only child (technically) and then of myself, Lucas and Iris, and Lucas and Iris and taking a tripod and getting the 4 of us in them too! With the orange, red and brown backdrops!

I am so desperate to get to a pumpkin patch this year, If Iris isn't here within the first week of October then we'll head out before she's born, if she is then we'll wait until she's here and go altogether. I want Lucas to pick some pumpkins, then we can come home and carve them altogether and this year he can help (minus holding a knife) I also think pumpkin patches are awesome for photos too. Hoping we can go with my mum and Gareth too as think this would be a great family day trip.

I love my slow cooker and am so excited for stews, roasts, curries, soups, you name it, thrown into the slow cooker and smelling it cooking all day and then warming up in the evening when you eat it, also perfect for one of our rainy or cold autumn walks days, coming home and getting snug and tucking into a meal thats warm, tasty, and been cooking all day. Oh I need to get some beef out of the freezer for a stew now. YUM.

Autumn is going to be perfect! I am so excited to do it with my family.

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