4 September 2016


September is probably going to be our last full month as a family of 3. It's a very scary, exciting, emotional and just darn right weird to think of it like that. I honestly cannot get my head around the fact that next month we'll be welcoming our daughter into this world, we'll be mummy and daddy to two, we'll not only have a son but we'll also have a daughter. Lucas wont be an only child, he'll be a a big brother, a sibling, the eldest, our only boy. It's all so odd to put it into that perspective.

We decided that although it would mean a lot of hours editing after he'd gone to bed, a lot of balancing blog and vlog time, and adding a little extra work to my life throughout September, looking back on the memories of our last month as a family of three in years to come would be so special. Especially as when Lucas is older, he can look back on it and see all the effort put in and fun we had in the last month of him being an only child.

Something I have taken into consideration is we may not make it completely through the month of September, but i'm hoping we will. I'd be happy to put up our last vlogtember (If it's not already a thing, i'm making it a thing) on October 1st morning and then going into labour and having our baby! Just got it all made up in my head haven't I.

We're actually due the end of October but Lucas made his appearance at 36 weeks, so we're expecting her to be early too. Especially as her head is 3/5 engaged in my pelvis or something they said on Thursday. So at nearly 33 weeks, thats quite early. She may surprise us and come in November and by that point i'll be serving an eviction notice as i'm waddling and in agony already due to this.
A mixture of SPD, engaging head and contractions this week it's been so hard. I had to have the fibronectin test on Thursday due to contractions and i'm not going into labour in the next two weeks, thank goodness.

It really scares me, excites me and also makes me really emotional that one night I may put Lucas to bed, do his normal bedtime routine and then realising that was the last time you'd do it as 'just his mummy.' The fact that I wont be doing bedtime routines for the first two weeks after Iris is born because she'll hopefully be attached to the boob, and i'll be focusing my attention on another little human.
Or I may wake up and give him his breakfast for the last time as 'just his mummy' or taking him to Starbucks for a pumpkin spiced latte for me, and a bic for him and having our usual coffee date with "nanna" as just the three of us and as 'just his mummy'

It's so strange and really emotional, that our lives will be changing, changing so dramatically but so for an amazing reason.

I hope Lucas loves looking back on these last memories. I made 5 minutes or so of the walk today before I turned around and let them all continue. I can't walk very far at the moment, I feel like a Barbie doll being forced to do the side splits when her legs really weren't made to bend that way. The feeling Barbie must have felt all those times I forced her into being a dancer, is how I feel today. Is this revenge of the toy? I don't know but Ouch!

If you haven't subscribed to us on youtube the link is HERE we'll be vlogging every day in September and also will be uploading a non gruesome, non crude, non intrusive "WELCOME TO THE WORLD IRIS" vlog (A birth/ meeting her brother ect... vlog) when the time comes too, so that will be exciting.  Please subscribe and comment if you fancy it, or even a like. I want to make these vlogs exciting to watch but also special for us as a family.

Thank you!!

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