27 September 2016


So here I am, I am 36 weeks pregnant. I am 4 days away from the gestation that Lucas was when he broke my waters and a part of me can see myself going soon and another part of me can see me going past that stage. Who knows, only my body will and it will all be a waiting game really.
Either way we have 4 weeks until due date and thats so exciting!

I stopped updates as I have been exhausted and it's been really hot and i've also been focusing so much time on family time too, so I kept forgetting to take my bump photos really and it all got a bit manic.
Nothing overly exciting has been happening, i've been keeping busy, staying really active and focusing on as many days out as a family we could squeeze in before I got too uncomfortable really.

Since the last update I have been into hospital on two occasions, due to contractions, but tested negative for pre term labour both times, but as of today, i'm now out of the two weeks "no labour" and it makes it so anytime I get contractions, especially as they're getting more painful and more regular now, a little more like "is this it?" She's certainly been messing with us.

My bump dropped last week at 35+2, the exactly same gestation as Lucas' dropped. This has made me a lot more uncomfortable and I waddle and sometimes, i'm walking like a crab and can't pick things off the floor and all I want to do is scrub the fridge or have an empty washing basket.
I'm also so busy currently trying to schedule my own blog posts, sort out guest blog posts and trying to make sure that I don't neglect my blog the first few weeks - month and I only have to blog when I really have the time. I will share our family days out, Iris' birth story, A very brief "Welcome to the world Iris" post too. Although, in case i'm just to exhausted or decide to not then keep up to date with me on Instagram, facebook and twitter as i'll be updating there. That will be where we announce her arrival and her first photos too.
Links are here:
Instagram - @thelittlestdarlings
Facebook - facebook.com/thelittlestdarlings
Twitter - @little_darlings
My youtube channel may be slightly neglected, as up until yesterday Vlogtember had stopped, and I wont be restarting it now, as it's been stopped for too long. This was due to Lucas running off with my memory card and hiding it and I had to order a new one, before I then found it in his book box, and I am finding it really hard to film at the moment as Lucas doesn't nap, and he is regressing back to a 'baby like' state and his behaviour is getting very challenging and he's certainly sensing that a change is round the corner. We're just trying to put everything into making sure he doesn't feel left out or unloved at the moment, so finding time to blog, vlog and be mum is really difficult.

I have also been asked and have thought I should mention that after a discussion, Brad and I have decided to make, depending on how quickly, or how much good footage Brad and my cousin can get, that we would like to make a 'birth vlog.' To some this may sound totally weird, crazy and some may be going "KEEP THAT PRIVATE" but I want a very creative vlog, little talking, mostly to a beautiful song, no gory or private clips, and just a vlog for us to look back on and to share with our family, who wont be in the room, and don't get to witness this.
We also share our whole life with you anyway, so why would this be any different?
So when you think of Iris' birth vlog, think, contractions, the process, no (im gonna be crude) Vagina shots, no blood or gore, the first moment we lay our eyes on her (hopefully, relying on Georgia to capture this), the first few hours (obviously broken into snippets) and most importantly the moment Lucas meets his baby sister. Thats what I have in mind for a birth vlog. Don't think one born every minute.

I also shot my maternity photos this weekend too, I set Brad up on the right setting and I edited them. It was really lovely to get Lucas involved and I have to thank Sarah at 'this mama life' for inspiring me with her maternity shots. I was so uninspired and had put them off for so long as I had no idea what I wanted and i'd lost all motivation.
I've left a few of my favourites below so enjoy.