19 September 2016


Nearly three years ago, Catherine and I found out we were both expecting, we grew our little humans, one girl, one boy. Although we had two weeks difference in due dates, we both gave birth early and these two little newborns were born two weeks apart still. These little ones have grown up together, they missed a small patch in each others lives, but if you saw them together now, you wouldn't even know it.

These two little ones went from womb buddies (different wombs obviously) to Lucas telling my mum on the phone last night that Frankie was his girlfriend and Frankie was pretty.

Yesterday we ventured out to the new forest, and took in the autumn vibes and explored. Lucas and Frankie bounce off each other, not always for the best, being toddlers, but mostly they're super cute together. Hearing them say each others names and talking to each other, holding hands and interacting with each other is so cute and it's so strange as nearly three years ago they were just being discovered as the poppy seed sizes they were, and now they're both growing up so fast and quickly and I can't believe it. Walking around the new forest, chatting away, picking up "pine corns"(pine cones), sticks and stones and bouncing off each other when one would ask for a "cuddle," so they didn't have to be walk and could be picked up.

We hunted for Gruffalo, and Lucas hunted dinosaurs, which Frankie wasn't too keen on, using this as an excuse to ask Catherine for a cuddle. We had a little tantrum over a stone, that was more of a boulder and I was certainly NOT carrying that around the new forest when he got bored, I was already like buckaroo, carrying a baby in my stomach, Lucas' Mickey bag, his dinosaur bag, his lunchbox, my camera and trying to hold his hand when he requested it. Other than that, they were pretty good.

Both their imaginations are amazing, Frankie would pick up a stick and call it "stick man" where as Lucas represents it to his book 'the slow snail'. Lucas would find a long log and call it a train, whereas Frankie would use it to walk on and balance. Thats what I love about children, they represent things differently and use their imagination. To us it was a stick, and a log, thats what makes it boring when you're an adult. 

They both walked so well yesterday and so far. It's so lovely to watch them grow together out of the womb, like we watched them grow together inside the womb.

Lucas has not stopped talking about "Ankie" and has claimed her as his girlfriend... I'm not sure whether Frankie would agree though. They're super cute together and it was such a lovely day.