9 August 2016


 When we found out we were pregnant, nothing excited me more than the prospect of an Autumn baby. Lucas is a summer baby so not only was I excited to experience having a baby being born into a different season, it meant bringing a baby into the world in my favourite season, and one of my favourite months.

I am a massive Autumn/Winter fan, I hate Summer and bare Spring, but I love everything about the months October-January. The cosiness, the scents, the colours, halloween, christmas, new year, all of it. I am a pumpkin spiced girl, who loves all thing grey and mustard and wrapping up in my woolies and going for walks in the crunchy leaves.
I am sure Iris is going to be the same, so have been excitedly holding out for the Autumn/Winter collection to arrive into stores so we could go out and buy her clothes.

I saw Rhiannon Ashlee show a blanket she had made for Delilah and fell in love with it, but knew I wanted Natasha who owns "A little ray of crochet" to make it for us. We also wanted something personal and involving the colours we loved and to make it feel like our own, instead of the same as someone else's. It arrived this morning and I opened it in a rush and instantly fell in love with it.

We wanted a blanket to go in her pram on our walks. We have the snuzpod one for in her snuzpod, we have a cath kidston rose one in her cot and we have a knitted one from next for when she's in her carseat. I love blankets and love that this time we have a reason to buy loads.

We went for colours that we feel went well together but also that were autumny too. I love mustard, cream and grey but wanted some pink in there too, the blue compliments the other colours really nicely too. The wool is really thick and warm and the pattern she used for it is so lovely. I literally adore it. It's such a soft, thick and warm blanket, that's really well made too.

The colours go so nicely with the silvercross wayfarer colour pack we chose, which is the raspberry colour. It all just looks so nice together and it's making me really excited that my beautiful little girl will be, being pushed around in the pram, wrapped in her beautiful pom pom blanket in no more than 11 weeks! It's so exciting.

A little ray of crochet is a little business that is run by Natasha, she's been amazing and kept so in contact with me, kept my in the loop with all the decisions, the wait times, the colours, do I like the pattern, are the pom poms big enough. I found that because she's a small business, she really cares about making the item absolutely perfect for you. It's been a pleasure to have someone so caring and passionate making your item. Which in all honesty you want perfect as it's for your newborn.

I cannot recommend 'A little ray of crochet' enough. If you want the most beautiful blanket made or any other crocheted item. Instagram is probably the best place to find her and her work too. So just search @alittlerayofcrochet up. 

We're truly in love with this blanket!

*I was not gifted, nor sponsored to write this post, we purchased the blanket ourselves and wanted to write an honest review*

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