5 August 2016


Today we had our first family day out together as a 3 in ages, and it was so lovely. We have been so wrapped up in housey bits, and thinking about saving money we haven't been out. I went to a blogger event a while ago and had a voucher for Odeon in there, so was over the moon and quickly booked a family pack of tickets to see finding Dory. We've been counting down to this for about 6 weeks, and in the package we had came with the tickets, drinks, popcorn and snacks for £30!

I was a little bit sceptical whether Lucas would sit still long enough for the film and he did and he loved it. He was quiet and when he did say something it was to do with the film. "Ory" "elmo" ect... It was so lovely and so worth going. As for the film, it was amazing, wasn't let down in the slightest.
We did try him at home one evening with finding Nemo, and he sat between us with popcorn for the whole film and then started loving Nemo and Dory. He's a huge Disney fan anyway, which you expect from the child of two Disney fanatics.
It was really cute as when the film started and the castle came up, he got so excited, yelled "Ory" and then said "Nanna". He puts disney and my mum together too, thats why I really hope we can look at Disneyworld soon with them too.

We pottered into town after the film; Brad and Lucas grabbed food from Costa, we went to waterstones and picked up a bump-to-baby journal for Iris and then let Lucas burn off some energy in the park for 30 minutes, before we hopped on the bus to get my arm stabbed. (Whooping cough jab).
It's nice because although, these little parts of the day were a little more "boring" it's just nice to be together as a family, enjoying each others company and just appreciating having each other.

Lucas was really tired and when offered to lay in the pram for a sleep, actually replied with "Yes, please,"on the bus, so after the doctors we went for a walk around riverside park and let Lucas burn off the energy he'd gathered up from his nap. He loves the park and picking up sticks and always wants to run to see the "doggy's" which he doesn't understand isn't always safe, so my heart stops loads. He's such an outdoorsy kid. It was just lovely to watch him running, picking up sticks, whilst Brad and I chatted, laughed at his funny ways, caught some pokemon and just appreciated once again being together as a family.

We're absolutely obsessed with pokemon Go, and it's been so nice to have something to talk about that's not, home, work, money or babies. Some day's you need to drift off from real life! As I type this out, we have the music channel on as background music and Nicki Minaj just came on the TV, so I yelled "Brad there is a jynx in the lounge," He came running in, app open, then realised I meant and "called me a bitch" and we laughed, it's the little things but it's just so fun and encourages us to have something fun to do that's not always revolved around the kids. Every parent needs that.

Lucas has been full of beans today, he's been so well behaved and has come out with some of the funniest things. This morning at 5:50 he came in our room and woke us up by saying "chocolate cake" over and over again, he also let out the biggest rumble from his bottom whilst eating ice cream and Brad didn't notice, so I laughed and pointed it out, and Lucas laughed that I was telling Brad and then said "BUM" then after we all had finished a laughter fit at his reaction, he then said "naughty bum." He knows when you find him funny and plays on it. He also said the cutest thing too in the middle of the film, Dory was sad and Lucas went "Dory sad, mummy" and pulled a sad face.

Brad and I some weeks only get one day together due to working and it's horrible but I'm looking forward to maternity leave and having 3 days together, some as a family of 3 and then as a family of 4. I will have to go back to work but we just need to appreciate the 3 days a week for as long as we can.

We are very lucky to have each other and to be so happy and in love as a family.