9 July 2016


Today we went to the annual summer fete outside my mum's house, it's the last one we will go to before she moves house next weekend. It makes me feel a little sad that she's moving, not because she's moving a little further or anything like that, purely because Lucas recognises her house. He knows when he sees it and he knows where everything is when he goes into her house.

My mum currently lives in this cute, little, old schoolhouse opposite the church Lucas was christened in and her current house holds so many memories, all happy too. It's lovely when a house holds memories but especially when they're so happy too. Lucas has grown up in that house as much as he has ours. We have spent a lot of time at my mums, and Lucas has too.

Christmasses have been our favourite memories though. Lucas woke up on his first christmas morning in that house, his first Santa visit was at there too. Sometimes houses that hold happy memories are lovely being kept as houses with happy memories. My mum and the family are outgrowing the house and it's becoming a little snug. She's also moving onto bigger and more exciting things and changes and she's moving to yet another lovely, quirky house too.
I am looking forward to making new memories in this new house with them, including bringing a new grandchild into the world and into the house.

What I love about her current house is the community that surrounds it, but it's not massive. The church hosts a couple of little fetes, and I don't live far from here, so we can still visit these fetes. Especially as they have a train and this year a fire engine. It's basically selling bric and brac and eating cake.

What i'm even more excited about is the community my mum's moving into, they hold carnivals, put trees up outside the houses at christmas time, have other events, it's in a village and has lots of cute little places we can go and visit too. We're going to the carnival at the end of August, i'm taking my maternity leave a day early to go to this carnival. I'm so excited for her and her partner.

I feel like i'm moving house a little too, I am extremely close to my mum, and we see each other a lot and i'm excited to see her life take a new chapter and introduce Lucas to a new house and see him explore in it. I also cannot wait to see Iris do the same and learn her way around nannas and buddhas too as she gets older. I think seeing the carnival and spending lots of nice days together in their new area is going to be so lovely and the little ones will love it.

We had a good house send off today though as such with a ride or two on the train, seeing some owls, riding in a fire engine and drinking tea, eating cake and watching "biddy ouse"

We'll miss nannas house but looking forward to going to nanna and buddhas house more!

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  1. I love this. I love reading posts which are about how much people adore their Moms. I lost mine Mom just over 2 years ago and I feel so sad when people don't have close relationships with theirs. You sound just like I was with mine. I hope their move hoes well and you all enjoy the carnival xx


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