10 July 2016


Happy days can be anything from a nice afternoon in the garden, a stroll around town or a coffee with nanna in town and some shopping for us. Somedays we need to go out and do something a little more adventurous and fun filled, something that involves Lucas burning off a load of energy, smiles filling his face, family time and making our lives a little easier come bedtime.

My main aim in life is to fill up our days and feel like at the end of them we've accomplished something. Some days we do love just sitting at home in front of the telly with a hot chocolate and some popcorn, but trying to make the most out of the summer we get is important to me. I love seeing Lucas happy and having a day that makes me go, that was a 'happy day.'

This week Lucas has been out and done more fun things than I can count, from swimming, park trips, ice cream parlour trips, fetes and our weekly starbucks date. Today was the same and Lucas had such a wonderful afternoon. He got out the house ran around and had an ice cream treat. Something he certainly had a fun time doing.

This morning I was photographing a christening, which was absolutely lovely. The little man who's christening it was looked absolutely gorgeous, he's super cute anyway and everyone looked delightful in their lovely outfits.
So my step mum came and picked us both up and we went for a coffee and a scone in sainsburys before heading back to their house so I could chuck some make up on and straighten my hair before walking to the church that was 15 minutes walk from my dad's at most.
Lucas stayed with my step mum and dad while I went to the church and then I met them back at theirs afterwards.

We headed to the new forest this afternoon, somewhere that still blows me away and makes me feel so nostalgic. I feel so lucky to have the new forest so close to our house, it's such a short drive away and there is so many little places to visit in the forest, Beaulieu, Lyndhurst, Burley, ect... everything is so photogenic and I cannot help but have my camera attached to my hands just snapping away.
Lucas was born to be an outdoorsy kid. My nan and grandad always took us out to the forest as kids, chestnut picking, dipping in the rivers in just our pants, ect... and my other nan is an outdoorsy type, she walks for hours and hours with her dog and is the reason I used to ride on horses and my first animal I rode was a cow... It's lovely seeing Lucas exploring, getting muddy, scuffing his knees up and picking up bugs and flowers.

You also cannot go to the forest and not have a new forest ice cream! Which was delightful, Lucas enjoyed his until he'd had enough and made a mess.
It was so lovely to see him so full of energy and excitement, running through the horse poo, yelling "cows" at the horses, chasing my dad and step mum and using my dads head as a bongo too.

Sadly not all 'happy days' end well and we're now battling with a stroppy, overtired toddler who doesn't want to go to sleep, but I know when he does fall asleep he will dream of happy days and lovely things.
I also love days like today when I can watch Lucas smiling and running around, whilst bonding with grandparents or whoever we're with that day and I can feel nostalgic too. Nothing beats watching your child run around areas you used to run around with the biggest smile on their face, like you used to have.

Next plans must involve hayling island and chestnut picking like I used to.

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