11 July 2016


So tomorrow i'm turning 25 weeks and I cannot believe it! It's going so quick, which I know I say every week but honestly I am just like how is back to Monday bumpdate post time again.
It seems to be that every Monday is the best day to post a bump update as it's the day before a new week starts and it's nice to document everything from the previous week accurately.
This week nothing major has changed, i've had some terrible nights with SPD pain and days with sciatica pain, i've still been a little teary and easy to make cry too and i'm noticing that she's reacting to Lucas' screams too.
Which is weird.

I've been noticing that when Lucas screams in anger or excitement she boots me as if to say "shut him up will ya." I've also noticed her movements are stronger and sometimes make me feel a little sick or uncomfortable but are so amazing to watch I wouldn't change them though, she can keep them coming. She moves more than Lucas did and with an anterior placenta I think it's crazy. She's so strong and hilarious to watch. I still feel baffled by movements, every movement makes me so excited and I stop and watch every time.

She's getting into a pattern with her movements now, she used to move in the evenings and now she's a day mover, which makes evenings when she's quiet and i've had a busy day a little bit of a pokey proddy evening in a bid to make sure she's A-OK, as I miss the day movements when i'm on the go. Movements and a growing bump are my favourite things about pregnancy! I love that i'm at the stage where I can see her moving and watching my belly change shape now and do all sorts of crazy things is incredible. I love that she reacts to noise now too. We're playing her disney songs in a bid to find her favourite.
I can imagine her as a tangled fan though!

SPD wise it's been a pain as we've been so active and busy this week and it's shown for when I get into bed at night I struggle to turn and get comfy, I also have sciatica in the day all the time and I waddle like a penguin. I keep going though I have too.

BABY IS THE SIZE OF:  A ear of corn... and by ovia she's the size of a GI Joe!
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: My midwife appointment on Thursday morning.
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: Watching her do her movements!
I HAVE BEEN FEELING: Hayfevery! It's driving me mad.
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: Nothing this week, i'm holding out until payday and for the autumn stuff to come out too for her.
IM CRAVING: Cake! Not a great craving as it's so fattening.
IM LOVING: Lucas call out to Iris and watching her react to his screams.
I'VE BEEN MEANING TO: Sleep, and take it easy but I cant stop being so active.

Thank you

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