17 July 2016


 There is nothing that I love more than a wedding. Weddings bring everyone together, they bring joy, happiness, tipples and nice outfits out. Yesterday was no exception; yesterday was magical.
Pulling up to the most beautiful venue and seeing all the beautiful little touches and decorations and knowing the time and money that would have gone into creating something that breathtaking is amazing. I was genuinely blown away by how beautiful everything looked yesterday.

Brad has known the bride and groom for I think about 8 years, and they all met at university. He was there when they got together and they're two of his best friends. Brad would have been absolutely crushed if we weren't there yesterday and I if it wasn't for the help of the bride and groom and them going out of their way to help us, we wouldn't have been and I don't think theres any way we could possibly show to them how grateful we were. 

Lucas had this darling little suit on from NEXT, it had flamingos on it and it was absolutely gorgeous. He looked so dapper and cute and I wish he'd stand still long enough for me to take more pictures of him posed and more pictures of said suit. Thats toddlers for you though! 

The wedding ceremony took place outside and Lucas sat in the bugaboo, with the hood up shading him from the sun, whilst I tried my best to catch some colour on my arms. It was so beautiful, watching them say their vows under the boiling sun. Lucas loved clapping along whenever we clapped. He's great at clapping and gets so excited when he has to clap.

He also adored joining in with the "cheersing"during the speeches. I always love a best man speech, they're the funniest, the dad's speech makes me a little teary as it's always so lovely and I actually loved the bridesmaids speeches too. I love the speeches, can't say the same for the ones making them though, i'd be crapping myself if I was the one giving one.

I also couldn't believe that Lucas made it to 12:30am before he fell asleep. We tried numerous times to get him to sleep and he's take a 10/15 minute resting break in the pram before demanding "DOWN" and he would dance again, he loved dancing to the music. When he realised I wasn't dancing he'd go "MUMMY, DANCE!" and i'd have to show willing and wiggle my arms and he was satisfied... for 5 minutes before the demands would start again.

Apart from Lucas hitting me a little during the sit down meal, and stabbing me with a fork at one point too, he was brilliant yesterday. He was sat out in the end and made to apologise during the first dance and after that he was nice to me again. Too nice as he wanted to cuddle me the whole time and sit on me but didn't want to sit down... Not great when you have braxton hicks and keep cramping up, but that being said, the cuddles were nicer than being slapped and stabbed.

We also only had one really naughty moment, where he was a little beyond tired and then decided to have a tantrum about running around the dance floor, as he was obsessed with the lights in them, but it was packed and everyone was drunk by this point and it wasn't the place for toddlers anymore. Most of the other toddlers and babies had fallen asleep by that point... all except ours. I'm guessing he's taking after, me and Brad and his grandad for partying till you drop on the spot. He'll be out partying us at festivals before we know it.

Overall yesterday was beautiful, magical and honestly so much fun. I adore being surrounded by Brad's friends, as does he, obviously, as he has the nicest friends and they make it so fun and they're great with Lucas. Some of Brad's friends I knew before Brad, so it's lovely to catch up with them all. 

I adore a good wedding and it's made us want to get married soon again, but think that will change once Iris is here and we start think about a trip to disneyworld. Oh money why can't you grow on trees.