30 July 2016


Today we took a trip to the Oceanarium in Bournemouth, this is our second trip to the oceanarium, the first being last April for Brad's birthday when Lucas was just under a year old. When we were there before they were building the penguin enclosure and being Brad's favourite animals we were eager to go back when it opened. It opened last summer and we just haven't had the time to visit.

With Brad's dad visiting this weekend, we decided a day trip out would be nice to do. We originally thought about the farm, but due to due to being pregnant, decided it wasn't best to risk it and to stay clear of any potential risks from the farm to baby. 
We umm'd and ahh'd for ages on where to go, looking at places to go which is Lucas friendly, possibly with some kind of animal, but without a huge price per person. Thats when genius Nicole came up with the Oceanarium. 

I knew that the aquarium wouldn't take long to go around, but would be long enough to get your monies worth and also to stop your toddler getting bored. Annoyingly Lucas chose today to be a little unruley and behave like a typical 2 year old. He wanted to run around, screech and when told the dreaded "n" word, threw himself around and out came the slapping. Apart from the little hiccups, it was a lovely day and nice place to go as a family. 

I am a wanderer, I wander ahead of everyone with my camera, snapping and taking quick glances. I am not one of these people who stare into the tanks, or enclosures for 10 minutes. I have the attention span of a 2 year old too. I just like to have a quick glance and then take a photo to take home as a keepsake. I literally adore looking at the more unusual animals or fish. Like the little things that look like soot sprites, I remember last time there was definitely more than this time.

I really enjoyed the giant turtles too. Brad was obviously about the penguins and the otters and Lucas like the little blue fish that looked like Dory. There were no "Elmo's" (Nemo's) though.
The giant turtle was wonderful, I couldn't stop snapping away at it's beautiful shell and patterns. I was completely in awe, it was one that I found myself watching for ages actually.

I always find that my camera, doesn't like to take photos inside the darker parts of the aquarium, I think thats the same for most people though, the reflection off of the glass and bad lighting for photographers. I do try to snap away but I tend not to as much and sometimes I like that as you can appreciate the memories that are there in front of you instead of the ones you take home on a camera and upload to your facebook, instagram or blog.

When we first got in Lucas was a little unsure of the big fish with teeth, I have no idea what they were but they were pretty ugly, but after a few minutes, he was wowing and looking around at all the pretty fish and taking in everything.
The otters were the next things and last time they were out in the sun but today they were laying on their backs putting on a show for us.
I really did think the penguin bit was nice and like the fact you can go to a little cafe and watch them from a viewing window on the otherside, which we didn't do but I like the fact that you can if you wanted to.

After we left we went for a walk down the beach, We stopped off and let Lucas have a little run around, and play in the sand, he played for a while, but the beach was quite busy, even though the weather wasn't great, so that meant that he couldn't run off too far. I much prefer the beach in the Spring and Autumn, when you can wear a raincoat and walk down the beach without too many people and too much heat. I am not a summer fan though, so that's why.

We've been using this Littlelife mickey bag with the reins for a while now and literally love it. Although Lucas likes to take the reins and hold them himself. It's great for getting around the aquarium, because they have limited space for prams and you'd end up taking them in and out anyway to see things so it's pointless. So this bag is a dream!

We ended up leaving as Lucas started getting a little tired and aggy and then threw up on me randomly, but I enjoyed watching him play on the beach while I took a much needed rest and felt bump kicking away. I also liked the fact I could just snap away at Lucas on the beach and capture candid photos of him. My favourite kind of photos of him.

We'll be back to Oceanarium again I am sure, next Spring, with another little one to take in all the wonderful fish and colours.

*This is not a sponsored post, nor was I gifted any of the tickets or the bag, the review is off my own back and my honest opinion*