2 August 2016


So here we are again! I'm 28 weeks pregnant and wow, it's the typical statement of "wow thats gone quick. It really has though. I cannot quite believe it. I'm two weeks away from 30 weeks and the official homestretch. I am also now in the third trimester, so thats also pretty darn scary.

Technically I have 12 weeks until due date, but the fact its unpredictable on whether she's a section, and also whether she's going to be inpatient like her brother and bless us with her arrival 4 weeks early. It's all a guessing game and a waiting game. I would love to meet her early, on a few terms and conditions. She holds up until 36 weeks at least and she comes out as healthy as her brother. Thats all. No earlier, and healthy. I'm not one to try and induce labour early, as I think baby will come when they're ready but with my unicornuate uterus, I don't have control over a lot, then what pregnant woman does?

This week I was diagnosed with a condition called Pots. You can read up about here.
Basically I have been suffering with headaches, if i've been busy all day, dizziness if i stand up for a while, and it makes me really confused, forgetful and I splutter my words.
I flooded the toilet at work the other day as I don't remember turning the tap on and only realised as my feet were getting wet. It's totally terrifying but is managed with sitting down at an angle, hydration and if really bad lying down to get the blood to flow around my body.

This has explained a lot and why by the end of the day at work, i'd be asking customers if they wanted a bag about 6 times and still couldn't remember if i'd asked them. It's getting worse the bigger i'm getting and the more blood thats needed to pump around ect... It's getting earlier in the day and more frequent. Maternity leave is 3 and a bit weeks away now, so I only have to hold on until then.

Apart from that, and having to leave work on Thursday morning an hour into my shift as I was concerned I had pre-eclampsia, it's been a pretty simple, straight forward week in pregnancy terms. Was scary but at least I have a diagnosis now. This is the reason my blood pressure is low too.
I am also suffering with rib and chest pain, she's pushing everything up and i'm sure she's got either and arm or a foot in them. Something I never had with Lucas, he just constantly had his legs placed in my pelvis.

In week 28 it's going to be a busy one, but i'm looking forward, and also nervous about the updates I can write about in next weeks update. I have a scan on Wednesday to check my placenta placement and a midwife appointment on Thursday. I am really hoping they say she's head down and my placenta has moved. I am so desperate for a natural birth this time, so I really hope I can have one.

I also want to add quickly that the milestone card used in this update is one that I was gifted by babyblooms, and they're really cute. They come attached to each other which I like, as I know i'd lose them. Once i'm done, I'll pass them onto someone who will benefit from them too, it's so nice. They're the perfect pass along gift and they're super cute too. They came in an adorable box as well, which I want to put somewhere in her part of the room. Babyblooms do some adorable items for you but mostly for gifts for expectant mothers! I'll leave a link for you here, to check them out as honestly some of the baby bouquets are beautiful!

BABY IS THE SIZE OF:  A cauliflower... and by ovia she's the size of a camping lantern!
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: My scan this week, we have a really fun week planned next week, meeting friends, scan, midwife and the cinema.
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: Getting the pink colour pack through and putting it on the pram.
I HAVE BEEN FEELING: Forgetful, confused, dizzy and nervous.
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: Hospital bag bits, a cactus romper, a handmade knitted blanket, a cuskiboo and dummies.
IM CRAVING: Sponges still, I have resulted to chewing them but spitting them out! I had the same with Lucas and I couldn't help it either, I start feeling really irritable otherwise.
IM LOVING: Feeling like everything is a little more real now. 
I'VE BEEN MEANING TO: Plan my baby sprinkle it's 19 days away and I need an outfit, decorations and game ideas!

Lets see what week 28 brings!

*Babyblooms review was my own honest opinion and although gifted with the milestone cards, all words are my own*