26 July 2016


So this is a day late sorry! I was feeling really unwell yesterday. I am feeling a little better today and today i'm 27 weeks pregnant! Wheres the time going, i'm literally 13 weeks away from due date, and 9 weeks away from Lucas' delivery gestation. I go on maternity leave in 4 weeks too.
I literally can't wait.
We're basically ready for her arrival now, just need to pack mine and her hospital bag and buy a buggy board and some more clothes! We're pretty darn organised to be honest.

This week i've been having braxton hicks, i've felt really heavy and i've been feeling a lot of pains in my ribs and chest area. It was so uncomfortable, and was as I was at work and kept having to crouch over and wiggle to move her. It was so strange, something I never had with Lucas, he was so low in my pelvis, I only ever felt his feet in my pelvis moving around.

I've also been suffering with this heat, I mean what pregnant woman hasn't been a walking puddle of sweat this week? It's made me exhausted and quite honestly sick too. The other day I fell asleep on the sofa for 30 minutes, woke up in a puddle of sweat and threw up. I had overheated in 30 minutes, it was gross.

I've also been feeling massive movements, really massive movements, another thing we never had with Lucas, he moved and we could see it but she moves so much more than he ever did. It's lovely, but she has quieter days and thats when I get all worried about it, but realising thats just her pattern.

I'm starting to plan my baby sprinkle and looking forward to buying things for it. I have the theme, i'm just waiting on buying the bits and pieces. It's going to be so fun. I also need an outfit, I haven't even thought about that.

BABY IS THE SIZE OF:  A head of a lettuce... and by ovia she's the size of a bowling pin!
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: My scan next week, we have a really fun week planned next week, scan, midwife and the cinema.
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: watching her move loads.
I HAVE BEEN FEELING: Hot, exhausted, sick but excited about lots of things.
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: Colour pack for the silvercross, some cute sleepsuits, some princess vests and baby milestone cards.
IM CRAVING: Sponges still, I have resulted to chewing them but spitting them out! I had the same with Lucas and I couldn't help it either, I start feeling really irritable otherwise.
IM LOVING: Lucas referring to his tummy as "Lucas' baby" and my tummy as "mummy's baby" the further on we go, the more he understands. 
I'VE BEEN MEANING TO: Buy my hospital bag essentials.

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