7 July 2016


Swimming is one of the funnest things to do and its free. When pregnant certain places will entitle pregnant woman to swim for free and Lucas is free too. I am pretty sure children are free up until they are eight. This means that once a week we go swimming and Lucas is becoming such a water baby and I feel like I am staying fit.

When I was pregnant with Lucas I let my hip pain get the better of me and became rather "lazy" and let the pain win. This time I am keeping going and battling on through. I have a toddler and cannot sit down and let the pain get the better of me. Who will feed him, entertain him and make sure he has lots of fun.

Swimming isn't great for my hips as afterwards they feel horrendous but whilst i'm in the pool they're okay and seeing Lucas swimming on his own and splashing around is the best feeling in the world and makes the pain so worth it.

When we took Lucas swimming just over a year ago he was afraid of it and spent the whole time we were in the pool crying and clinging to me. He started off the same the first week Brad and I took him about a month and a half ago now and then now he just walks in and glides, he gets so excited by the "splash" (what he calls the pool) and we go once a week roughly! It's been the best thing to do and the tots play session in the mornings are so much fun. They put bath toys in the pool and it encourages them to play.

Swimming is one of the best freebies you get when you're pregnant and it's doing wonders for me as so far i'm not as fat as I was with Lucas, and just carrying a little bit of extra weight and showing off a pretty huge bump.

Did you take advantage of the free swimming when you were pregnant?

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