6 July 2016


Raising a toddler is a messy, grotty, terrifying, but fun job. Raising a toddler for me involves the sayings "get your hand out your bum," "don't put that in your mouth," "put the snail down," "don't climb up there," and mostly "BE CAREFUL," as my toddler runs and jumps and climbs on EVERYTHING. My heart stops numerous times a day, my washing machine is fully loaded daily, my washing basket usually over flows and my bath is run once a day to wash off the mud and other mess daily, luckily that doesn't wash away his memories.

Lucas is such a daredevil, he runs wild and has absolutely no sense of danger; this means I cannot take my eyes off of him for a second but he constantly has a huge smile on his face and thats such an incredible feeling for a parent. I mean what parent doesn't want to see their little one grinning from ear to ear.
Lucas' favourite daredevil move is to climb and fly down the biggest slide in the park with the biggest grin on his face and if he went any faster the G force would cause his cheeks to flap. I love how much he loves the slide, but my heart stops each time too.

Toddlers need so much attention and time, they are literal bundles of energy and they never seem to feel the need for them to stop to recharge. It's so funny to watch them, but also so exhausting I cannot express how exhausted I am at the end of the day.

Lucas loves to be outside and it's a great way to attempt to burn off a small section of his energy. He loves to dig in the garden, chase family pets, pick weeds, run around picking flowers and grass, he feeds the rabbit and loves all his garden toys.
He is like a little tornado and I love his character too. I love the fact that he can fall over or scrape a knee and doesn't cry, not because we have made him of stone but because he's such a clumsy child, like myself, he's so used to falling over and we don't baby it unless he cries or it is a nasty fall or bump.

A toddlers legs are usually cover in scratches, cuts and bruises but mostly dirt when they've been in the garden. Its all fun and games and we have lots of savlon on standby and soon we'll introduce plasters too.
Lucas loves exploring, he loves animals, insects, walks and the being outside. He adores adventures and chucking on his wellington boots and having the most fun he can.
This is perfect, as I love being outside too, and getting ice cream in the summer, and coming home to movies, warmth, blankets and hot chocolate in the autumn time.
I get Lucas out the house as much as possible and it's certainly helping him learn and grow.
I am hoping to get Lucas involved in horse riding as he gets a little older too. I loved horse riding, still would if I had the chance and my nan did too. We're all very similar in the love for animals and outdoors setting.

Lucas is at the funniest age so far. He's learning so much and he's really taking everything in.
I love having a toddler.

What are your favourite parts of raising a toddler?

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