14 June 2016


When you have a toddler somedays it's really blooming hard to get water in them, especially when it's hot and you're not a great example yourself for playing role model in the hydration category.
Lucas is an extremely active toddler and is always on the go, be it at home, in the garden or out for the day. He does not stop, so it's super important for him to stay hydrated; and well i'm pregnant, so I should probably be better myself too.

We're taking part in the linky challenge with brit mums and Robinsons with their #Enjoymorewater campaign. For me water is a little boring and unless it's bottled water, I can't really enjoy the taste. I've tried a lot, even making it in advance and putting it in the fridge so it's freezing cold. I really only enjoy water with lemon slices in it, or with some sugary, yummy squash. Lets be realistic though, too much squash can't be good for you. That's why I am a fan of the 'Squash'd' by Robinsons. 
When i'm making squash, whether it's double concentrated or not, I use loads of it. It runs out really quickly and it's just annoying. With the squash'd you squeeze once into a cup of water and you barely use any but it's so tasty. I find myself not always using enough, just so it flavours the water. Something you can't do with normal squash as it tastes gross.

Luckily for me, we don't have problems getting water into Lucas, usually, so it's not a problem. He's not a squash drinker as such, but I have no problem on a really hot day, to encourage him to drink more, adding the quickest squeeze into his cup to flavour the water slightly in a bid to get him to drink more. 

Lucas loves to play outside and with summer coming up it's so important they he's drinking enough. He's like his dad in the sense of he gets really hot and sweaty, really easily. This summer is going to be a struggle for the both of us, toddlers don't seem to know when they're too hot and need to take a breather in the shade and have a drink, and I am going to be a swollen, hot, pregnant mess, so it's important for me to stay hydrated too. So between us, we need to drink enough water in order to not be a puddle of sweat and grogginess.

I try to encourage Lucas to drink by drinking myself, something i'm not particularly great at and if i'm honest, I am glad to be taking part in this to encourage myself to drink a little more, I am growing a baby after all. Lucas loves to cheers cups together, so when I have a drink, he'll always go and get his to "cheers" with and when I drink, so does he, this is the perfect way to sneakily get him to drink more, without going "Lucas have a drink," or "Lucas you need to drink more". I need to remember that he's learning things from me, and my little traits too. If i'm seen to be drinking enough, then so will he.

He calls a drink "MORK" It came from Milk, yet he doesn't like milk to drink, just with cereal, but he calls water "mork" now. Luckily I know what he means.
Even Iris is a fan, already, she loves a cold glass of the "lemon & lime" or "citrus" flavour ones (they're my favourite ones too) she wiggles and giggles around in my belly, having a little dance party. It's actually so darn cute. Thats also helping to encourage me to drink. If your baby dancing and your  toddler son getting hydrated at the same time, just from having a glass of squash, can't encourage you enough to get better hydrated and look after yourself as well as the littles, then what can?

He has some of the lemon and lime squash'd in his moomin beaker below, and he did manage to drink really well, especially as he rode his trike from home, 25 minutes down the road, to the local ice cream parlour and park for an afternoon with mummy, daddy and nanny.

We love to take Lucas to the park and get him out the house as much as possible, he would go stir crazy if we stayed in all the time. Ever since he was a baby, we've been out mostly everyday for one reason or another. It makes life easier for us that he's such an active child and he adores to be on the go. He doesn't care if he gets mucky, or wet; he just loves to be outdoors. I also can't stand being in the house too much, it sets off my anxiety, I get cabin fever, Lucas becomes a devil and the house gets into a tip. I prefer the odd day at home for cleaning and cosy days, but thats mostly for the autumn time.
The park is the perfect place for him as he also cannot run away from me, and i'm like this huge bouncing wall with legs and arms at the moment, and I struggle to chase him at the best of times, let alone in the heat. I think you certainly underestimate how hard pregnancy in summer is. 

We've been doing amazingly well since we've been tracking our progress, 8 glasses/beakers a day, most days! Lucas doesn't have the squash in his all the time, just when we're out at the park or on a really hot day, as I don't want to risk him going off of water and whilst he'll drink water, it's nice to just have it as a treat, but I will be purchasing these every time I do a food shop now, they last for ages, a lot longer than you'd think, and I prefer them to normal squash. They taste refreshing and delightful!

Enjoy your water! 

*This post is an entry for Britmums #enjoymorewater challenge, sponsored by Robinsons*
*I was also gifted the Squash'd to try, but the opinions are my own, and honest*