3 June 2016


Today Lucas turned two. He has walked around, singing himself "happy birthday to you", having visitors, opening presents, talking about his "party", telling us he's two by holding up one finger and saying "twooo" and playing with his bestest friend "Pepper"
It's been a very easy, not fast paced, not overly "exciting" day, but he's had the best time.

He has had lots of fun playing in the garden, especially with his new playhouse from Nanny and Grampy. He was even playing in it when Brad was trying to put the roof on and was getting very upset with us that we kept asking him to leave... for safety reasons obviously.
They also got him a little sign for the door that says 'Lucas' playhouse' which is super cute!

Lucas loves the garden, and he has so many wonderful garden toys to play with and thats really lovely to see!
 He has a slide, swing, playhouse, sandpit, see-saw, balls, a table and chairs, wheelbarrow and two little tikes fire trucks, one thats a car, and one that shoots water. He absolutely loves it all though.
He's such an outdoors child, I love that he doesn't mind getting dirty and loves to run around and burn off all the energy.

It's been ages since we've played in the garden due to no fence and a very ignored garden, that had turned into the new forest. After days and days of weeding, hedge trimming, strimming, mowing and tidying, we have a garden back. It's a little worse for wear due to the neglect but it's playable now and it's really satisfying to look out the window to a new fence and a garden Lucas can use. Just in time for his birthday party.

Lucas loves the garden and he loves it when we let pepper out and she runs around with him. He likes to feed her grass and dandilion leaves. You have to watch him though as his very likely to flick the hutch latch and let her out himself. He finds this hillarious.

He has spent the afternoon, chasing Pepper around the garden and kissing her bum and laughing. It's really hard to tell him to stop when you can't quite control yourself and find yourself in absolute stitches. Especially as he pokes her tail and laughs at it. All in a non aggressive and gentle way. Pepper was the best "gift" we ever got him, he absolutely loves her and has learnt to be so gentle. great practice for when Iris comes.

Overall, I have also learnt that some birthdays you don't need to go to a farm, zoo or theme park, a day at home with visitors, presents and family is the best. He went to bed 2 hours after normal bedtime and has had a HUGE smile on his face all day and I honestly couldn't be happier.

Tomorrow is his party and I have some more "birthday" blog posts coming up, this is just a quick post to show off his pictures with Pepper I've taken really.
I have some pictures of just Pepper below if you wanna see them, I haven't taken pictures of her for ages, she's huge now and is more like a dog than a rabbit, she's such a great companion and Lucas' best friend.