5 June 2016


Lucas' 2nd birthday party was dinosaur themed, last year it was the moomins and this year we had dinosaurs. I always wanted his birthday parties to be a theme of something he loves. Be it a character, a colour, an animal ect... It had to be something he loves. Last year he showed a huge interest in the moomins, he'd be fixated on the animation since he could focus on the TV. It was such a nice theme and he still gets excited and recognises them.  

This year we chose Dinosaurs; after a lot of debate between Mickey mouse and dinosaurs. Due to doing his room Mickey mouse, we decided that Dinosaurs was certainly the best option for his party. He absolutely loved the theme. Walking around talking about his "Party", singing "happy birthday to you" to himself and yelling "DINOSAUR" at everyone he saw... there was a lot, was the cutest.

He loved his cake and was excited to keep talking about his "birthday cake" and he probably ate the most cake out of everyone yesterday. Sugar comedown is in full force today.
There was a lot of cake and he has a massive sweet tooth.

I decided to make the cake this year and well... it wasn't awful but it wasn't the best looking cake. No one would have paid me for it on the looks, it's the inside that counts though... I wasn't overly impressed with that either but that was because it had taken 2 days to make so obviously sitting in the fridge while it took me all that time to make it meant that it was quite cold and not "fresh" as such. I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to moist cakes so to me this was like any other cake you would have made as such as obviously you need to make the cake in advance in order to decorate it. It tasted fine, just wish I was supermum and had got up that morning and made it all. Lets be realistic though, it was never going to happen and would have needed a 2am start, approx 12 hours before party time.

I'm holding back on a lot of the photos as I don't know whether my friends would want themselves or their little ones on my blog, but it was a lovely turnout. It wasn't as busy as last year, but was nice as I managed to get round to more people and actually have a proper conversation. It was also very special as Lucas had his friend Frankie there this year and considering they grew in the womb together (not literally in the same womb) and were born 2 weeks apart, it's nice to have them at each others party's and to be spending time together. Even though they feed off each others cheekiness and Lucas had the biggest tantrum and had to come in the house to calm down because he didn't want to share his "biddy nee-naws", his Mickey and Donald cars.

We told Lucas we were about to do his cake and he got all excited yelling "cake cake" and then singing "happy birthday to you" to himself, which I cannot explain is honestly the cutest thing I have probably heard, apart from his new song he's learnt "miles miles tomorrow" - the Miles from tomorrow theme song.
He was absolutely chuffed with the toy dinosaurs on the top that he got to keep and play with afterwards. I love the idea of toys on top of cakes instead of icing made characters or animals as they can keep them afterwards and none of us are huge icing fans and find the icing characters a little too sickly so they end up going hard and in the bin.

Overall, the weather held out thank goodness, as honestly my stress levels were sky high, i've never checked the weather so much ever. I was constantly attached to apple weather and bbc weather for a week. Lucas has enough toys in the garden for me to open a nursery comfortably and probably the same for indoor toys and especially books, but we adore books in this house and he has now got 3 different books about becoming a big brother and he loves them! I think they're really special and have taken pride of place on his book shelf for show and one that we bought is on her bookshelf, instead of in the book box. 

We cannot thank everyone enough for their gifts, cards, company and messages over the past couple of days. Lucas genuinely has consumed more sugar than ever, his speech has developed dramatically, his attitude has come on and finally he just hasn't stopped smiling.

There is two more cute pictures at the bottom of this post too.