29 May 2016


As we get closer to Friday, we get closer to Lucas' 2nd Birthday. I can't quite believe that Lucas has been on this planet for 2 years. Well slightly longer because he was still on the planet in my tummy but you know what I mean. I look back on my pregnancy photos and Lucas' newborn photos and it really makes me feel really emotional thinking about the fact he's growing up so fast and is becoming such an incredible little boy!

Lucas is becoming the most, politest little boy ever. Whenever you give him something he says "Thank you mummy," or "thank you nanny," ect... and he says "peees" for please and is just such a sweetheart. He honestly is perfect to me. He has his moments, he throws awful tantrums when he has them, and he's awful with going down to sleep; once he's asleep he's pretty good, but getting him to stay in bed and not keep getting out and playing with his toot toot drivers or reading books, is really a hard task.

He's certainly showing little signs of the terrible twos, but overall he is wonderful. I am sure his behaviour will worsen as he gets more into the twos, and when he reaches the threenager stage in a year, but what child doesn't test patience or have their moments. It's normal and at the time I may want to cry or hide, but they wont last forever and I know that the good times outweigh the bad times.

Looking back at tiny Lucas makes me realise how huge he is now. He's walking, counting to 12 with help, talking in sentences. It's just crazy how my squishy newborn who needed me to do everything for him, to being little mister independent.
I love that he's growing but can't help but wish he could shrink too. Lucas is an absolute beautiful little toddler but I miss my newborn cuddly boy.
I can't believe he's nearly two.