27 June 2016


So tomorrow I hit the 23 week mark. one week until she's viable of life on the outside; that being said, no matter how excited we are to meet her, we're not ready and neither is she. Talking of coming early, last night we had one of the scariest moments ever. I woke up around 00:30 and felt excruciating pain in my stomach, I couldn't sit, lay or bend over, I could only rock back and forth, stood up. I was having what felt like contractions every minute or so, I felt the urge to go to the toilet, toilet but at that moment in time I was convinced if I tried that I would have pushed her out too.
Honestly the pain was insane, I kept saying "she's not ready to be born," and "she wont make it, she can't be born." I will hold my hands up and I like to exaggerate, i'm a bit of a drama queen when i'm scared, but honestly, this was real. I wanted nothing more than the be exaggerating, I was terrified, I couldn't stop crying and thought in that 20/30 minutes I was about to give birth to my baby girl. Something I never want to experience again, unless she's head down, my placenta as moved out of the way and i'm 35 weeks plus weeks gestation. I cannot put into words the fear I felt in that moment.
I had been up to the day unit that morning and was tested for a UTI, as I had some pains, but all was clear and I was sent away with antibiotics as a precaution.

That night I kept weeing, and then took some paracetamol; I then called the "day unit" and she said to come in as she could hear I was struggling to talk on the phone, and I needed to be seen. I got off the phone and tried calling my mum, to see if she could come over to have Lucas, she said she would call us back, as she needed to ask her partner. In that time, the pain got so bad, and thats when I was walking around with no bottom half on as I kept going back and forth to the toilet and was so scared. Brad called my mum back and said that I was getting worse and by this point 'contracting' and I was in so much pain they said to call an ambulance. The paracetamol kicked in by the end of the call the ambulance line and we decided to make our own way there as the pain was now mild and the 'contracting' had stopped. We were so lucky and grateful of that her wonderful partner was there to drive my mum over to sit with Lucas all night, so Brad could come up to the hospital with me.

The doctor did say that he thought it could have been contractions and he thought they were, due to a language barrier, he made the situation extremely scary and basically just said "if you go into labour, baby wont survive," and that "there wasn't anything they could do to stop it until 23+5 earliest."
I had no more cramping or 'contractions' so that was a positive and I was sent home with the advice of take it easy, take regular pain killers and my antibiotics and come back if they get so bad that paracetamol doesn't curb the pain.

I took my paracetamol and antibiotics this morning, and within 30-40 minutes, I was cramping again, and acid reflux not as bad as last night, but then I had taken pain relief. I called the day unit and she looked in her book of drugs BNF and found that it can cause gastro disturbances! We both agreed that it could be that. She said where my gut and uterus are sat above each other that its hard to tell which was contracting, but can completely see why if it was my gut contracting, why i'd be feeing like it was my uterus contracting. It would also be just as excruciating pain as uterus contractions. I am crossing everything, especially my legs, that it was gastro disturbances and not contractions of my uterus. I am no longer taking those antibiotics though.

Apart from that scary, drama, I have just been suffering with SPD, and it's not been much of a change since the 21 week update.

BABY IS THE SIZE OF:  A papaya... and by ovia she's the size of a water bottle!
IM LOOKING FORWARD TO: Getting past 30 weeks! She must stay put.
MY FAVOURITE MOMENT WAS: Brad feeling her kicking his hand this morning in the hospital and watching my tummy move with her movements.
I HAVE BEEN BUYING FOR BABY: Snuzpod blanket and sheet set and changing mat.
IM CRAVING: melon, ice lollies, refreshing things!
IM LOVING: Feeling her move loads and thinking about what she'll look like!
I'VE BEEN MEANING TO: Think about when I want to go on maternity leave. 

This week has been lovely up until yesterday but I am seriously hoping our little lady stays put, as I type this I haven't had any *touch wood* pains since those that I had the early hours of this morning, and the slight ones after the antibiotics. 

Thank you 

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