19 June 2016


Dear Daddy,

Mummy is writing a letter on our behalf today, as one of us cannot type words in english and the other is cooking away inside "mine" and mummy's tummy. I mean i'm sure mum is making it up and i'm actually the one who has the baby in my tummy.
I bet it seems such a long time ago since I kicked your hand from inside mummy's tummy, and now, I like to kick your hand when i'm being naughty, but I promise that I don't always mean to be naughty. I get hangry, like you, and I get frustrated when things don't go how I want them too, as I just don't understand that sometimes I may be too little to do things. I promise one day I may grow out of that, but then again, I may still be hangry.

Mummy is writing this to you today to say a massive THANK YOU to you, a thank you for being the best possible dad you could be, someone who takes the time, works hard, loves, cares and cherishes all of us. Someone who makes everybody happy, even though somedays I wake up in such a grump and don't always make you feel appreciated, that's just what being two is like, it's hard dad, you don't remember and neither does mummy, but it's really hard. You have such an easier life than me. You can put the 'choo choo's' together and they stay together, that doesn't happen for me, you can walk everywhere and not get tired, I really want to walk everywhere but I still get a little unsteady, I still try to walk, but then I get grouchy and want to crawl; I still don't get why you and mummy don't let me crawl around the shopping centre. 

You gave up a lot when you were having me, you also had to work an extra day. You gave up your time, your money, your food, and a huge chunk of your heart. You're also about to give up yet another piece for when Iris arrives and you see her for the first time. 
I am mostly a mummy's boy, but I also have a huge chunk of my heart dedicated to you. I would say that sometimes I want to cuddle you more than mummy, but shhh, don't tell her that. It's okay though as mummy says that even at your ripe, ol' age of 26, you're still a mummy's boy.
Iris will probably be a daddy's girl though, she's bound to be, what a daddy to look up to right? You're a great role model for us both. Be it, being a man like you, be it finding a partner like you, one of us will use you as a guideline when looking. Thanks to you though, if we use you as a guideline for finding a partner, we may be a little picky and may stay at home longer... Mum said you wont mind and she'll be wanting us to move out, so she can convert our rooms into an office and a walk in wardrobe, long before you will.

The point of this letter is to say to you, daddy, Thank you for honestly putting everything into me, mummy and Iris, making us feel like the luckiest people on the planet, for filling our days with joy, happiness, smiles and warmth. Without you we wouldn't be here, mummy wouldn't be this happy, we wouldn't be a family and we wouldn't be writing this letter to you today. We never want you to change, none of us, we want you to keep going, but find confidence in yourself that you're worth more than you think, mummy tells you that a lot, and one day Iris and I will too. You're such a wonderful human being. 
Please never stop loving us, please never stop cuddling us, please never stop smiling at us, please never stop believing in yourself, because we believe in you and please continue to make our lives happy.

A couple of last things, sorry, it's a long letter. Iris says she can't wait to cuddle you for the first time, I have told her that it's the most magical feeling after 9 long, hard months of growing, she cannot wait for you to teach her things, kiss her toes and to basically meet her daddy! I've been having chats with her in the womb via the womb phone... So, now you know who i'm always on my doc mcstuffins phone too. Then finally, I want a brother one day too, sisters are fun and all I am sure but daddy, one day, you need to make me a brother. 

Anyway, we love you as much as you love us.
You're wonderful,