5 April 2016


Dear little Lucas,

Some days I just sit and watch you and I am in complete awe of you. You never cease to amaze me. You're clever, and oh so smart. You are the world's most incredible little boy and you're not always perfectly behaved but that's okay.

Some days you can be testing, some days I really want to bang my head against the wall as I repeat myself over and over again. Either way, that's what makes you, you. You wouldn't be my cheeky, silly little Lucas without your funny ways and your "naughty" ways.
You're just a toddler, pushing the boundaries, testing the waters and learning right from wrong. You cannot always distinguish the difference between right and wrong though. Why is it you can throw a ball, but not a teddy? Why is it you can squish playdough, but not food? Why is it that you can do certain things and not other things? It's all a way of learning and finding out things and that's not going to happen overnight. 

Over the last nearly two years of being your mum, i've learnt what ways work when telling you off and what ways don't. Screaming and shouting, does not work. I've had times where i've shouted and I HATED it. Shouting and screaming in my eyes doesn't work, you don't like it and neither do I. I have found that getting down to your level and explaining to you that you're doing something wrong is the way forward. Calm and collected is my motto, talk calmly, have eye contact and explain slowly. It's not a miracle cure for your bad behaviour but it helps explain to you. 

I've also found cutting out anything with lots of sugar in and crisps, even things "made for kids" like wotsits, skips, quavers and pombears were affecting your eating habits and behaviour. we've swapped for mini cheddars, a sandwich, a piece of fruit and water for lunch. It's a better lunch for your behaviour. Although easter has thrown that out. Toddlers get so much chocolate!

Lucas you're a delight most of the time and even with the silliness and poopy behaviour, I still feel like the luckiest mummy alive to call you my son. I really cannot believe how beautiful you are, how smart you are and how funny you are.

Please don't change, unless it's your terrible twos disappearing.
Love you millions,