21 April 2016


So we're finally expecting baby number 2. Our scan is tomorrow morning, and I'm typing everything up full of mixed emotions. Fear and pure excitement and joy. If you've been reading my blog for a while you would have seen we sadly suffered a miscarriage back in November. I was around 5 weeks and it was a really tough time for us. 3 months later we got a positive test and although we were so happy, we were full of fear because of November.

Well here we are, going into the second trimester and promoting Lucas to big brother. It's been a very scary, exhausting 2 months and has been the hardest for me not to talk about it on my blog.
My blogging took a back seat, along with my vlogging due to extreme exhaustion and just feeling sick a lot. I wanted to put my all into parenting Lucas, so had to chose between Lucas and my social media. Lucas obviously won that battle, there was not a debate at all.

I have been in and out of the hospital with cramping, pains, spotting and just feeling lousey but I can't thank my mum and Gareth enough for dropping everything to watch Lucas, and my dad and Danni too for dropping things and driving Brad to the hospital and back, watching Lucas and running around after us. They were all great helps and it would have been a lot more stressful and confusing for Lucas without them.

Please spare 2 and a half minutes, literally, to watch our cute little announcement video, which is below. I will be posting an update on the first trimester, which i've been tracking secretly on here. Trying to remember not to press publish was really difficult.

Thank you for reading & watching!
(and Brad, pepper & BUMP!)