27 March 2016


Today we spent the day doing the usual, family time. Easter to me is a day where the shops are shut, which means I get the day off and we spend the day having fun with the family, and appreciating the little things and the ordinary moments.

Brad's mum and Step-dad came over this morning, they bought chocolate and had a cuppa and a catch up. Easter mornings should involve chilling out, eating chocolate and breakfast, or chocolate for breakfast and watching the TV. It was lovely to have them come over.

My cousin picked us up at 12:30 and we headed over the my Auntie and Uncle's house, to our amusement and in true "Davies style" my uncle lit a BBQ under a gazebo as the rain and hail stones fell. This is standard for us, the phrase "weather permitted" isn't in our vocabulary, it's more "weather smeather" and that's how it's always been and always will be. Luckily for him and us, it brightened up within about 20/30 minutes and although we stayed inside, it meant he wasn't so cold. 

My auntie then scattered some little eggs around the house in little, easy yet hidden spaces for Lucas to find. This is something she's always done for us, since myself and my brother and cousin were old enough to understand. Lucas did so well with the help of his Auntie GO, he found all the eggs, yelling "YAYY" after finding them and clapping himself. He was fully chuffed with himself.

The weather seemed to be clearing up so we headed into the summer house, it has heating and all, and sat and all chilled out, my dad, my step-mum, my nan, my grandad, my cousin, ect... and just chatted and Lucas watched Mickey mouse on my phone and had some wind down, quiet time. It was delightful.

We then finished off the day visiting my mum, brother and his girlfriend, Emma, as it was Emma's birthday and we had nachos, watched a film and had a chilled evening all together.
That's how easter should be. It's a day to just be with your family and spending quality time together.

We had such a superb day, it was really nice and we are very tired now and have a LOT of chocolate to go through. I think i'll be purchasing some extra rice crispys or cornflakes with our shop for cakes.

I hope you had the best Easter.
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