26 March 2016


So it's arrived, well Easter Saturday has anyway! Tomorrow is Easter and it's Lucas' second easter.
Last easter wasn't the best as we moved into our new house the day before Easter Sunday. It's nearly been a year since we've moved too. 4th April, last year, was easter, well the 5th, we moved on the 4th.

This year and last year we haven't made Easter a "big deal" no decorations up, no big easter plans, no leaving anything out for the "easter bunny," no easter egg hunt, no big basket filled to the brim with toys, books and chocolate, we've just done some low key bits and bobs.

Lucas is only 1 and last year he was only 10 months old, so I personally don't see the point in going overboard, he isn't going to understand or know, and also, it seems most people see Easter as a second Christmas, and go crazy with presents and money. I just don't personally think that we want Lucas growing up seeing it as that. A small basket filled with a few chocolate treats is more than enough.

Next year, we will be leaving a carrot out for the Easter bunny, having an easter egg hunt in the garden or house, and will make a bigger deal out of it than the last few years.

As a kid, we wouldn't leave a carrot out for the easter bunny or anything, but we would go downstairs in the morning, my brother and I, and we'd do an easter egg hunt, we'd find the eggs and it would be so exciting. In the afternoon we'd end up going to my auntie's and there would be an easter egg hunt for me, my brother and my cousin, and we'd have a little get together. It was such a lovely day and was so much fun. I believed in the easter bunny until I was about 9/10 maybe, the magic was kept alive, I still don't understand how my mum used to hide the easter eggs! I snuck down one morning and there was no eggs and then I sat listening out carefully for my parents, and I didn't hear them leave the room, yet when we went downstairs, there was eggs! BAFFLED.
Tomorrow, we've got a visit from Brad's mum in the morning, then we're off to my auntie's in the afternoon, then to my mum's late afternoon/evening. Easter to me is a family day, a day where you see as much family as you can and you eat nice food. 
Lucas' little face lighting up is the most important part of easter for me, as we're non religious.

Have a lovely day tomorrow.