25 March 2016



I'm so lucky to be your mummy, and also you're my best friend, and i'm pretty sure I am yours too, along with daddy and Nanna!
You have such funny little ways and I am so grateful to be the one you call mummy.

Whenever daddy is at work, you wake up, climb out of bed and climb into ours. The first thing you do is usually fist bump me... in the face, and say "morning mummy" it melts my heart and hurts my head too, we need to work on the no fist bumping. You then pull daddy's duvet over you and demand the TV, this is fine with me as then mummy gets to close her eyes for a little longer, as your mornings start a lot earlier than they used too, 3 hours earlier than they did over winter, we need to invest in some black out blinds, I think.

Anyway, when we do go downstairs for breakfast, you pull at my dressing gown and point to the stairs, you know exactly where your bowl, spoons, cereal and milk are and you're such a great help when you get them all for me.

I love how I can spend every hour of each day with you and not go mad, you're the only human that I can say that about. Your little cheeky moments, your funny little habits, they make my days. You make me laugh and feel warm when you spontaneously give me kisses and cuddles.
You've currently got painted toenails as you found mummy painting hers yesterday so fascinating and were desperate for yours done, you'd wear a full face of makeup if I allowed it.

I love you even though, I put on your "biddy" slippers and then you take them off again, and then I put them on again, and we play this game for ages.
I love you even though, you steal my food 99% of the time, and you find it funny to laugh at me.
I love you even though, you will "use" your nappy 5 minutes after i've changed it.
I love you even though, I have to endure endless amounts of children's tv even after you've gone to bed as i've forgotten to change to channel.
I love you even though, you wake up at the crack of dawn and fist bump me in the face.
I love you even though, you throw your dinosaurs around the room yelling "ROAAAAR! DINOSAUR."
I love you even though, you play with the TV and record the news or other things.
I love you even though, you empty the entire contents of my handbag over the lounge and my purse, and the fact I can NEVER find the card I want as it's usually in your toy box.
If anyone else did that, It would drive me potty, but because it's you, that's okay.

I love you because you're YOU.
You're wonderful Lucas,