1 March 2016


Some days when I blog i suffer with serious bloggers block, I become so freaking stressed out and want to blog something so badly, but the words just don't come out and I babble and then I hold down the delete button and all the rubbish is gone. We're all guilty at some point of not documenting the ordinary moments. We show the good times, the days out, the holidays ect... but not the normal things, the everyday malarkey and us bloggers having ordinary lives too. Some of us work, some of us don't, some us have calm days and others have days where we completely lose our shit...

Lucas is the cutest little human being, especially at breakfast time, we have such a routine. He wakes up, sits in bed till I get him, around 8am, we come into my bedroom, watch Disney Jr until 9am, and then go downstairs for breakfast. We're both not morning people and i'm so grateful for that, I don't know how i'd cope with a 6am waker who wanted breakfast straight away and then to dance to Mickey mouse at 6:30am.

Lucas is only allowed in the kitchen with an adult, so breakfast time, the stair gate is opened and he plods in, opens up the food cupboard, grabs the cereal, grabs his bowl from the crockery cupboard, it HAS to be his moomin one, he has 3 so there's usually at least one in there, he then tries opening the cutlery draw and is too short to reach, so I give him a choice, moomin spoon or olaf spoon, it's a lucky dip with these, he has been known to use both, then finally he grabs the milk out, and considering we have blue and green in the fridge, he always knows that blue is his.

Breakfast is such a messy time for us. He usually spills some on the floor, and on himself, but I do blame myself, like what parent doesn't own a plastic bib with the catchy bit on it, you know what bib i'm talking about. I MUST REMEMBER TO INVEST IN ONE FOR THE PROTECTION OF MY CARPET. I'm pretty useless at remembering things, I'll moan about this in about 3 weeks time, and then 4 weeks after that and so on, until Lucas is 4 and doesn't need one anymore.

Rice crispys are Lucas', and Brad's favourites, So they're a big hit, and we buy a big box of them, so big it takes up so much space. We have so much cereal in general in our house, and I barely eat it, i'm a marmite on toast girl.

Breakfast takes a very long time in our house, Lucas has to "cheers" our cups a few times, he has to demand a banana from the fruit bowl, and has to listen to the "snap, crackle and pop" sounds.
He's so funny.

Toddlers are the funniest human beings i've ever met, they're like little aliens, everything is new and exciting, they call things the wrong names, they speak in gibberish, they don't stop and I most of the time cannot understand what sort of being they are. Although, we wouldn't have them any other way, they're funny, loving, kind, a little naughty, but so squishy and great to cuddle. I adore having a toddler, every month older he gets, every time he hits a new milestone, I say "This is my favourite age he's been," He's just a delight.

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