29 February 2016


Spring and Autumn are by far my favourite months, they're inbetween weather, and everything is pretty. Autumn is all about the leaves, the spice, the scents, the cosiness, the reds and burnt orange colours, and Spring is all about the rain coats, the wellies, the walks, the flowers, the freshness and the yellows, and greens. That's a brief list of why I like these two seasons best anyway.

Today I took a trip to the doctors as my tonsils are in-flammed and thought tonsillitis was starting again, which she pretty much agreed they're not pussing, but is on it's way back. Wonderful, but too early for antibiotics. Anyway, so after the doctors, we took a walk through a little place called riverside park/ woodmill en route to the bus stop home. I thought the fresh air would do me some good and Lucas could do with the fresh air too. We've all been so run down with illnesses the past week and a bit.

Lucas did have himself a little accident and fell in the mud, but the trooper laughed it off, as per usual. He's so funny, when he falls over, he just laughs, unless he's really hurt and then he cries and then you know it's not a drill.
He's become so good on his feet and his speech is coming on leaps and bounds, he's putting together small sentences and even learnt to say "dangerous" yesterday. Honestly, I am blown away, how is it my child can say a 3 syllable word?

Lucas loves being out of the house, he's the outdoorsy type, and so am I the majority of the time, I love a good walk, taking my camera, taking photos of the scenery, I am a lover of landscape photography, its my forte. I am not that great at people, but am loving the practice, who know's where practice can lead you one day.
Lucas loved spotting the dogs, the planes (they fly really low as it's basically next to the airport) watching the ducks, and swans and talking to the elderly, there seems to be a lot of elderly couples walking through there. I kept referring to them as "goals" quite a lot, especially this cute couple with matching fluffy hats and zimmers. One day that will be Brad and I.

Before we headed to the bus stop, I remembered this little place we took our maternity shots, and just had to take a couple of matchy ones of Lucas out of my tummy! 2 years later!

Hope you enjoyed reading, vlog ft this day is live Wednesday 5pm GBT.
How exciting is it that Spring is nearly here, it's my birthday in a week.