24 February 2016


So yesterday, we decided to do something fun. I've been changing the way we daily vlog, if you're a regular to my youtube channels, you would have seen we have been vlogging daily, but putting some silkies in (I stole that saying from the Michalaks) and uploading 3/4 days in one vlog on a Wednesday and Sunday, and it works well for us. Less stress for me, I usually edit them on that evening but theres no rushing and can take it easy. 

I've made it my mission to do at least one really fun thing with Lucas a week, for a couple of reasons, and this time we made playdough and had lots of fun making shapes and animals, I made a snake... I am very creative.

Lucas loves to get involved with baking and crafts nowadays, and it's super sweet. He gets his hands stuck in and mixes stuff around and makes an absolute blooming mess. He has a huge smile on his face 99% of the time whilst doing these sort of things and it's when you realise what you're doing has made a huge impact on their day and really made it. It's the little things that make a huge difference to a toddlers day and it doesn't need to cost a thing, last week we made a den out of a clothes horse and a basket of blankets.

Lucas is such a super strange child, one day he LOVES getting messy, and splashing in puddles and muddles (muddy puddles) and other days he's concerned about the mud on his "ooes" (shoes)  and showing us his hands and talking complete jibbersh with a disgusted look on his face, and if I could translate toddler jibberish it would say "eww I have food on these, HELP, waterwipe mummy, NOW." Lucas pulls the best disgusted face ever! 

Today was one of those days he loved getting messy and really wanted to help, pouring the cup of flour 3/4's in the bowl, 1/4 on his lap and the hobs. He stuck his hand in the flour and water and squelched it. and then decided to squish it in his hands and then rub it on the hob...

My poor toaster gets so mucky, I will learn to one day move it.  Lucas wore his little moomin apron, and managed to save just his top... his poor jeans. 
Once we finished we went upstairs and washed his hands before coming back down to play with the playdough we'd created. The playdough that was meant to be blue but turned out more duckegg blue.

It was then up to the bath, quickly to wash off the playdough and pizza. Although I think Lucas was saving it for later...

We were recently sent some samples to review from Paddy's bathroom, which are honestly amazing, and I love the smell of the bubble bath, i'm not a great fan of the squeezy lemons, but Brad said it's just my smell, as he loves it. To be honest though, Lucas likes it, he smelt it and said "mmmm, naceee" (mmmm, nice)

If you didn't know Paddy's bathroom is the "brother" company of Ella's kitchen. Her brother "Paddy" now has his own little company and it's dedicated to all things organic and natural. Perfect for those little bodies.

The bubble bath, literally smells so delightful. I could eat it. Which talking about eating things, I must say Lucas is VERY confused about the fact he cannot drink these like the smoothies. He yells "GA" (Ta) at them all the time, thinking he can eat them.

I like the fact that this is a bubble bath aimed for really little ones that actually makes bubbles, I love johnsons and simple still, they're great for bedtime baths, but they never make good bubbles and Lucas being a toddler LOVES bubbles. A lot of people told me to try 'little mateys' and other "toddler" bubble baths, with a disney character shoved on the bottle, but with Lucas' sensitive skin, I don't want to risk it.

Lucas loves the bath, and I literally think he would stay in the bath for ever splashing if I let him. The shampoo is great for not making his eyes sting too. Sorry Johnsons but this kicks you 'no tears' bum... This stops huge meltdowns when it goes in his eyes. I no longer deal with trying to climb up me, whilst soaking wet, drenching me and the bathroom and he doesn't cry anymore. There really is 'no tears' now.

I love that Lucas loves the bath as much as me, I could literally live in the bath, I love a lush bathbomb and a cuppa. Lucas on the other hand just loves splashing and eating the bubbles. He is a very odd human. I think toddlers are the oddest, little humans. They are the funniest, yet most unpredictable humans.

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