5 March 2016


Mother's day is one of those days that is thought up in a bid to make us all spend a LOT of money, cards, gifts and even holidays and spa days. It's a bit like valentine's and it's a little bit of a gimmick.
To me though I think if you don't dwell on the money making schemes and focus on token gifts and meanings, mother's day can be really special.
It's just one day a year, you can firmly tell your mum "NO, put your purse away, it's on me," and she can't argue back, it's a day to spend together as a family, I have 11 humans + us 3 and a dog round for a buffet and a get together, and it's about showing mum you love her, or being shown you're loved.

Us mum's carry a bundle of love 365/366 days a year, it can sometimes make you sit and stare at your child/ren and want to scream or explode with two feelings one is frustration when you realise the house keys, a ball, mickey mouse and 6 cheerios are in the washing machine, although you swear you checked before you pressed the on button, but also with the massive surge of love that pumps through your veins and sometimes you just look at you kid and scream "I FLIPPING LOVE YOU," but you have to contain yourself and then 5 minutes later you realise banksy has been in your lounge and drawn on the wall with crayons and then you're back to the frustration where love you turns to "want to stick you to the wall with gaffa tape" and flipping turns to... well use your imagination.

Motherhood is an amazing gift to be blessed with and I don't need a fancy spa day, a pandora bracelet or a bottle of chanel no.5 perfume, I just need a day with my mum, my little one, and to feel love and appreciation. A cute handmade gift, a mug or something that shouts "MAMA." is pretty cute and apt

Motherhood is expensive, without Lucas, I'd have a pretty full purse, as he takes all my cards out and I usually find them posted under the sofa... but my heart wouldn't be as full as it feels now.
Also without my mum, i'd be skinter, sadder and pretty lost when I need an answer to a question you'd probably only ask your doctor or your mother.

Motherhood is about being real, being honest, instagram shows a lot of happiness and "perfection" in those little squares as does our blogs, but in real life, our houses are a tip, we're going grey, we can't afford to soak in lush bath's every night of the month and we don't always smile and eat veg.
Sometimes... Most of the time, we eat fish fingers, waffles, ice cream and drink a lot of coffee and fanta (not Lucas, he's unruly as he is)

Motherhood isn't about being a better person than Betty down the road, mothers aren't always better people. aren't always nice people, sometimes mothers are pretty shuddy, some make you question things, but stay humble, remember that you're struggling just as much as Marge (Margaret, only Brad and Gareth will understand these brackets) across the road.

Some people also don't have mothers, some people have lost mothers, and some people's mothers aren't that great and have no connection to their child/adult. So we have to be mindful of these people and their feelings, just like we would of someone who cannot become a mother or is going through a painful, long process to become a mother. (check out Natasha's story here... it made me blub)

Motherhood is about being united, stop comparisons, stop the judging, be blessed, we're mothers, we're blooming lucky!

I hope you get tea and toast, a cute little gift and have a lovely relaxing day!