8 March 2016


So today is my birthday, 23 that came around quickly, like since when did that happen, I am sure i'm still 5 at heart, mixed with a 60 year old.
Before my birthday I always love a pamper session, a bath, relax and an early night, I know living life on the edge, right?

I popped in a lovely bath bomb from 'Lush' this one is the 'fluffy egg' and it smells soooo sweet and delicious. We popped in quickly yesterday afternoon and managed to grab a bath bomb for Lucas, one for myself, a face mask and a massage bar, and they gave Lucas an 'ikle bot' bath bomb for free, i've people say they've had in the past but never expected it, it was so sweet!! Great company, great products and great staff.

I had a lovely pink bath, and added in some bath cream for bubbles too, I love a bubbley bath. I thought as well, why not shave my legs? It hadn't been done in a while, being winter and all, so what a better birthday treat than silky soft legs, and this one from 'wilkinson sword' is wonderful, it has shea butter which smells divine and leaves your legs feeling really smooth.

I find that I get a little hot and clammy in the bath, so I love a glass of cold water and lemon, its so detoxing and refreshing. Lemon and water is my favourite drink, I could drink it forever, If I could only have one drink forever, it would be this, it even beats coffee.

Then it's time to put on a facemask, close your eyes, and relax for 15 minutes before rinsing off. BLISS.

It's so nice to have a relaxing bath before bed, baby in bed, then getting into clean pyjamas and fresh bedsheets, what a better pre-birthday night. Nothing beats it really. I just love it.

This is a really short, to the point post today, as it's my birthday and i'm just typing this up as Lucas, "naps" meaning he's meant to be but he is definitely playing up there.