14 March 2016


Some days I find myself watching Lucas, feeling this huge bubble of love. We've made a huge decision recently, one that took a lot of thought and debate about, but have decided this is the best way for our family.
I spend at least 3 days a week away from Lucas and I hate it, so have decided to make a little change and hope this can help us as a family.

Lucas joined nursery back in October, and we have decided to take him out. He goes once a week and it cost us £200 a month and that's £200 a month that we don't need to spend as I don't work on the day he goes. I feel paying someone £200 a month, for one day to myself a week, is not something I am happy doing anymore. I used to use the day to blog and vlog, but as Lucas is getting older, he's becoming easier to blog and vlog around, some days he naps still, some days I can sit on the sofa with my laptop and grab 20 minutes to type up a post or edit a vlog, or when he goes to bed. Thank you disney channel for allowing my child to cuddle on the sofa and have chill out time.

I just feel as Lucas gets older, the more we discuss having more children, and the reality of one day Lucas is not going to be an only child anymore, and do I really want to have wasted our only child bonding days, working and sending him to nursery?
Working is non negotiable, we as a family need the extra money, I enjoy the social side and also it helps Lucas learn that mummy isn't always going to be there. This is a daddy bonding day most of the time, or a nanna/nanny day. So I don't feel as much guilt.

Lucas is a very sociable child, and after much thought, we have decided to take him out until he is eligible for 3 year funding, and put him into a pre-school attached to his future school, so he'll make friends and grow with them as he starts school.

We've decided as well to put some of the money into play dates, day trips, soft play, swimming lessons, music groups and other groups like that to continue to encourage interaction with other children and to help his development continue too.
I'm going to turn the dining/playroom into more activity areas too.
Lucas loves crafting and playing, so will continue to make sure he gets those interactions too.

It's the best decision all round financially and for Lucas.