2 February 2016


Being a mum is full of challenges, it's not easy and everyone has an opinion on your parenting techniques. It just seems to be the norm when you become a parent. Mothers, not all, seem to be the most judgemental group of people in the world. Breast is best, co-sleeping is the way to go, don't let your child cry it out, no breastfeeding, no sugar for my kids, organic food only, no jars, working parents are part time parents, stay at home mums are lazy... the list goes on. It's crazy but this seems the norm and it doesn't make sense.

Being a mum is one of the hardest, most challenging, yet most rewarding job in the world, and it's not for everyone. What I cannot understand is why people put more pressure on mums by judging their way of parenting. This post has come about after seeing a few facebook posts recently on the 'breast is best' and 'working mum vs SAH mum' these sort of arguments circle the internet all the time and I just don't get it. I can't get my head around it.

Everyone parents differently and not everyone will agree with your way but as long as your child is safe, cared for and loved, who cares?

I see a mum who teaches her son letter, shapes, colours and i'm completely blown away by the fact the kid can recognise an octagon (Sam, if you're reading, I think he's amazing) I personally wouldn't spend my days teaching Lucas this, as I don't have enough time, where I work I cherish the time spent with him and just want to play. She stays at home with him, so has the lovely novelty of playing and teaching him.

I also see a mum who's a vegetarian, and feeds her son vegetarian food, I personally, if I was a vegetarian/vegan/pescetarian, I would still feed Lucas meat as I feel he would get a lot of nutrition from meat, and can grow up to make that decision himself.

I see mums who go to work full time and leave their children in nursery, that's okay.
I see mums who opt straight away to formula, they don't like the thought of breastfeeding, or don't want too, that's okay.
I see mums who steam fresh organic vegetables, puree them fresh and serve them fresh, as they don't want to freeze the puree's, that's okay.
I see mums who sit in the park on their instagrams, usually uploading a picture of their pride and joy, that's okay.

I wish we were financially able for me to stay home with Lucas everyday, have luxuries and lots of fun days out, holidays and new things, but without me working we aren't in a position for that. I wish that I had more time for reading books, teaching Lucas, playing with Lucas, but I have to go to work, me staying home isn't an option and luckily for me, I love my job and that makes leaving him a little easier. I cannot imagine being in a job I hated and having to leave him.

My moral of this blog post is... Being a mum is a hard enough job, there is a lot of loneliness and huge changes, support each other, let's stop bringing each other down, critiquing their parenting, their choices.
Remember just because you parent in a certain way, doesn't mean the world should follow suit.
Just remember this, is your child happy? Is your child healthy? Is your child thriving? Is your child loved? Is your child clothed? Is your child clean? Is your child fed? If the answer is yes then you're all doing a great job.
Also remember this, if you change the above questions to is their child, and if the answers yes to all of them too, then stop judging their choices and parenting methods and support them.

Thank you for reading,
Lucas' outfit of the day today (seen above) is Shirt and Jeans: NEXT & Shoes: Converse