9 February 2016


So its that day again, the one that always 'crepes' up on us... Wow, could I get any more puns into one post?
This is Lucas' second pancake day, but the first time he was able to eat pancakes properly himself.
Annoyingly this is the second year in a row that Brad has missed out on pancake day, well not missed out on it, but hasn't been home in time to make pancakes as a family. I made Lucas' for his dinner, and we've literally just had ours. 

We cheated and bought packet mix, It's the only day of the year I buy a packet mixed pancake mix. I am usually the one making them from scratch for breakfast, this year i'm being a little bit lazy!!! 

He helped mix the batter and i'm not entirely sure it was the best plan of mine, but it was certainly fun for Lucas and he loved mixing with a spoon.
Lucas loves being involved when it comes to chores, he's great at helping with the washing, the hoovering, the dusting, he loves helping bake and cook dinner and he's always stealing baby wipes and cleaning the carpet and walls with them.

I think it's great to get them involved with these sort of things from a young age so they can grow to help out in the future, when they're old enough to earn pocket money. I don't want Lucas thinking he'll be waited on hand and foot, he'll be encouraged to help do his laundry, encouraged to pick up his own toys and keep his room tidy. Obviously i'm talking a long time down the line, but starting this early with definitely help in the long run and with Lucas being a little domesticated child.

Lucas whisked and whisked and splatted mix everywhere and he thought this was very funny. He has such brilliant gross motor skills and going to nursery has certainly helped his development and helped him hit more and more milestones.

I think there's only so much you can teach your child at home and sometimes they need other children to help develop too. They need to learn and bounce off other children, toddlers are like sponges and copying other children is key to their development.
Lucas' hand - eye coordination skills are very good, not perfect, but very good and we're doing a lot of things at home to encourage this development.

I got Lucas down when I turned on the hobs and started to pour the batter into a pan. He's so unpredictable at the moment and I he just touches things so quickly. He is understanding "hot" at the moment. He got upset when I put him down and I told him "It's going to be hot, I don't want you to burn" he replied with "yes, hot" and was fine. He's totally getting dangers, well, he understands dangers, it's not guaranteed he'll listen completely and not touch, he still plays with the washing machine door after jamming his finger.

I decided to make Lucas cheese and ham pancakes as I didn't want to give him maple syrup, sugar and lemon or chocolate spread that close to bedtime, and also because I made them for his dinner I wanted them to be savoury, tasty and filling. Lucas first tried ham and cheese pancakes a few weeks ago, a local pancake house called 'Stakks' and he ate the pancakes so well, and they were so yummy, even I enjoyed them.

He watched me poor the batter in, and flip the pancake, with a spatula, i'm certainly no "tosser" (there I go again.)
I even bought the pan down to his level so he could see, I explained it was hot and he was not to touch, he said "hot" and then "oohed" and said "mmm nice."

Lucas ate them so well and said "mmmm nice" quite a lot whilst eating them.  I think i'll make something like this for his dinner as well some nights, some nights i'm stuck for ideas for him, and don't want to make a fresh healthy meal, to cook another one an hour and a bit later, so this is a great, easy option! He didn't finish the whole plate but it was a big pancake, he's had his bath and is tucked up in bed, in the land of nod, ready for nursery tomorrow!


Brad and had naughty pancakes, we had maple or golden syrup! It was very nice but now i'm stuffed.
Hope you had a lovely evening and you're full up on pancakes!!!