25 January 2016


So, I thought i'd try something a little different as such. We've been documenting our ordinary moments with "mummydaddyandme" for a while now, but have been thinking about the fact that because we daily vlog our lives now I don't take half as many photos as I used too, which is wonderful for my instagram followers feeds.  So wanted to start something, this will help when I have bloggers block and just to get some beautiful photos on my camera more often. 

This isn't going to be a daily thing but it will be a regular thing! Somewhere I can just post pictures of Lucas and "the simple memories," the ones where it doesn't have to be a holiday, or a day out, it's just playing a game, playing in the garden, walking to the shops. Simple memories sometimes are the best memories.

 Today we had a little tidy of the house as we were expecting a visit from a friend who we hadn't seen in a long time! Lucas was trying to help but was causing more mayhem than anything else. He was getting underneath our feet and making more mess than anything. So whilst Brad did the hoovering I thought i'd take him outside for some fresh air, as I knew we weren't going out today. 

Our garden currently needs A LOT of work, to say the least. It's overgrown, has broken fences, weeds, peoples recycling from strong winds, a grotty sandpit from the lid being left off by accident and a whole load of cat poo, which we discovered this afternoon.

We've been noticing cats coming in and annoyingly using Lucas' sandpit as a litter tray after we accidentally left open, obviously we haven't used it since, and will be bleaching and replacing the sand in the spring, but we hadn't really realised how much they were using the bark... until today when Lucas' lovely white converse now have to go though the wash... so annoying.
We also now have to find a way of keeping the cats away from Lucas' barked play area, before I start killing off the neighbour cats. (I'm totally joking, I love cats, just want them to stop pooing in my garden)

 Lucas was playing so nicely in the garden, pushing his swing, climbing on his slide and pushing his wheelbarrow around but it was cut short when we realised he had cat poo on his shoes and wanted him away from the bark immediately!
It was such a shame though as he adores the garden and it was ruined by the neighbourhood cats doing their business.

This afternoon we then had a visit from my lovely friend Catherine and her daughter Frankie, we did get some pictures of them together which was so totally adorable! Lucas and Frankie were born exactly 2 weeks apart and both a month early! Catherine and I both went through our pregnancies together and it's cute to see the little ones together.

Althought they're both not so small anymore, they walk, talk and sing "it go" together! Certainly crazy, but cute.

I'd love to see you guys documenting your "simple memories" your "daily blogs."
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Thanks for reading!