22 January 2016


Todays post is literally a little update on Lucas.

I haven't updated on Lucas for such a long time, and he's just growing and developing at such a fast stage, and i'm scared if I don't document enough, we'll miss the vital little things.

A few weeks ago, we attempted to potty train Lucas, he did one wee on the potty and then I fell ill with tonsillitis and then Lucas got a virus infection, so we stopped temporarily. We will be getting back on that Monday though, as both Brad and I are working all weekend. We were super proud of Lucas though, one wee is amazing, we're totally shocked but he's just a superstar.

He's become really interested in putting things into things, for example, threading beads onto a piece of string, putting blocks into the right holes, and pushing things through the gaps in the stair gate, resulting in them bouncing downstairs, and him laughing... He's also interested in pressing buttons. He adores picking up our vlogging camera and vlogging us, usually upside down and totally out of focus but he's amazing at knowing what to do. We're going to have to purchase him his own little camera for sure. He's going to have his own youtube channel where he does hauls and "toy openings" I am sure. Can you just imagine him becoming a millionaire, up there with zoella or pewdiepie? While Brad and I are working our day to day jobs.

He's also developed on his speech dramatically. His list of words is endless now, although, yes, sounds like ass... but he's perfected "nanna" and "gandad" and "moomin" and "It go," and he sings in time, and taps in time, he's learnt to click with his mouth, and do "tick tock, tick tock," from the song "do you want to build a snowman," from frozen.
He's also saying "donald duck," and others, most aren't perfect but you know what they are. I even had a convosation with him the other day.
Brad had popped downstairs, Lucas was playing in his room. He came wandering into our bedroom, then into bathroom, then he looked over the stairs, walked back into his bedroom and then came into the hallway. I said "who are you looking for," he replied "dad, daddy," I then said "Daddy is down stairs," Lucas then replied with "stairs," and finally I said "he'll be back in a minute," Lucas then said "yes," and went back in his room.
I was totally blown away, and totally impressed.

The only thing that is not so good at the moment is the tantrums. The giant explosions and screaming, high pitched screaming, when he cannot get his own way. He had one in Sainsburys the other day as he didn't want to walk, he wanted to be carried, so I put him in the trolley, and he went crazy. The next day we had the same issue in town, but instead of a trolley, he was put back in his pram. Then everyday since we have one tantrum or another over the word no.
The tantrums are hard to deal with but i'm guessing this is just the terrible twos, rearing their ugly heads a little early.

some terrible photos on me but look at his little face.

He's learnt to high five, shake hands and fist bump followed by baymax's "fa la la la la," which is super cute too.
I totally adore him and even with tantrums, he's the bestest little boy and he's a delight to be around. He has the best personality and he's a comedian too.

Thank you for reading