15 January 2016


So we have a poorly little boy, unfortunately he caught my tonsillitis.
He has a raging, high temperature and he's really not himself.
Watching your child poorly, suffering, especially when you know exactly how it feels as you have only just started feeling more human after 5 days of antibiotics. Wanting to take the pain away and take it on yourself, but also really not wanting that either as you're not sure how you'd cope AGAIN with it.

I have a foreign body attached to my hip today, it's quite cute though as I feel so distanced from him this week.
I've barely spent any time with him and the time I have its been dinner, bath, bed. I've missed him, even though i've seen him. It's been so odd and I for the first time ever, i'm grateful for a clingy child.
I can't complain about clingy children, he has never been clingy, he is so independent and I couldn't begin to imagine what it would be like to have an extra body stuck to me 24/7. I like my sleep too much and my personal space.

I've tried so hard to distance myself from both Lucas and Brad this week, no kisses, cuddles, sharing food ect... as I really didn't want to make them ill. It seemed like no matter how hard I tried, it wasn't going to stop him from getting ill. His immune system is so low, he has the driest little cheeks, spots, grotty and snottiness and his skin just doesn't look healthy.

Last night, an ambulance had to come out as his breathing became really sparse and even with calpol his temperature that had previously been 39.1 before calpol, had only gone down to 38.7, but then started steadily dropping. It was scary at the time, but he was fine and didn't have to go into the hospital, thank goodness.
He also hated one of the ambulance men as they had to check his blood sugar levels, his pulse, his chest, ect...
We set him up camp on our bedroom floor last night on his mattress, and he slept there, snoring away all night.

He woke up this morning with another raging temperature, but after medicine, seemed to settle down, and isn't too bad now, just a little groggy and clingy.
Today, I will be mainly, cuddling Lucas, sniffing his "to toes" and saying "poooo" and watching Disney Jr.
He seems a bit more happier now and his temperature has dropped which is a relief.

I sometimes forget to document to ordinary moments in photographs, I am always documenting the ordinary moments in vlog form, but not in photographs.
Also is there anything cuter than baby toes?