14 January 2016


So for a while I've been thinking about writing a five year plan, something to try and stick to and to look back on. I'm not writing this to tell myself these things have to happen, or anything like that, although it would be nice. It's more a 'plan,' or a possible 'schedule,' or even a 'dream.'

Brad and I have been engaged for over a year now and money is a bit of an issue. Can any young, engaged, parents truly say that they could have the wedding of their dreams, a massive shin dig, on their current budget? I always said I would rather save for our dream wedding, than sacrifice an idea due to money, but every time someone asks about my "boyfriend" or I see someones wedding pictures, I go all green eyed, and gooey at the same time. Not green eyed in a mean or bitchy way, i'm always super happy for them, i'm just jealous of all the beautiful pictures, the happiness, the in total awe of each other, looks on their faces. I'm such a soppy, romantic person.

So anyway, talking this morning, after receiving an invite to the wedding of the year, of our two wonderful friends, yesterday, they are literally the cutest love story ever... after ours, we got all excited and then it made me once again think of our wedding. The wedding that will happen "one day" and it reminded me of our "five year plan," and i thought i'd share it with you all.

I'll start with 2016!


Get pregnant, get debt free, broaden my horizons.

So after the miscarriage, I think we realised how much we'd love a sibling for Lucas, and that the age gap would be so close, but not too close. We've not been "careful" for a while, obviously, as we managed to fall pregnant again, but I think in my head, i'm expecting this time to be harder.
I still cant totally get my head round the fact we managed to conceive and carry Lucas, so "easily" as such. He's happy, healthy and totally thriving. I even had a conversation with him this morning... that was strange, yet amazing. 
We'd love to fall pregnant this year, I guess there is still time to even have a baby this year too. 

I'd also like to be slowly paying off our finances, we've been doing it for a while and hopefully we can get any gone this year, along with hopefully baby shopping.

I'd also love to see my blogging and vlogging really take off this year, i've realised that i've stuck to the same things, I stuck solely to tumblr for a while and got stuck, i got stuck on everything, to the point, I wasn't moving any further. I love blogging and vlogging and it would be a dream to be able to stay home and be a full time blogger, and work maybe a day or two a week still. (I love my job.) 
I'd love it if when you read or watch a vlog, if you could leave comments or even just a like on my vlogs. It would be helpful to see what you enjoy and what you don't enjoy so much. 
I want to try new ideas, write about different things, play around with photoshop more, as I barely ever photoshop my photos, and, find new and exciting editing methods for my vlogs. Get out of my comfort zone and broaden my horizons. It's the same with Oh Lilla magazine, I'd love to see that get the attention, we've worked for.


Save money, plan a wedding, continue what we're doing, applying for schools.

photo credit: pinterest

Hopefully we'd have had a baby by at the maximum, the beginning of 2017! (Dreaming big here) and then we can go SAVE SAVE SAVE crazy, and Diet crazy on my half too. If i'm getting into a beautiful wedding dress, I will be flawless. (Dreaming even bigger here.) I don't want to talk about plans for the venue, the day or anything else as we change our minds currently like our underwear. We know its so far away and until we book a venue and know the season, we'll chose colour scheme, ect... by that! 

I want to be planning our dream wedding, having a countdown, getting excited and Brad and I getting closer and closer this year.
I cant wait to be Mrs Walters and to have the same name as my child/children. I adore Brad so much and marrying him is just another way of showing that we're totally devoted to each other.

I also want to be continuing with my blogging and vlogging and I know i'll still be enjoying it considering this will be my 4th year blogging!! and 3rd year vlogging!!

This will be a pretty slow year, it will consist of saving, not a lot of money spare, but planning our dream wedding and applying for Lucas' schools... what the!!


Get married, move house.

Photo credit: Pinterest
We'll have planned our wedding and should be married by the end of 2018! 
FINGERS CROSSED, this will be the year i become Mrs Nicole Walters! I'll be leaving my maiden name behind me and marrying the love of my life, my soul mate...
Hopefully before September, I always said I wanted to be married before Lucas started school.

We also want to move house this year, we will Hopefully have 2 children and although Lucas' room is huge, wont want them sharing a room for too long, so will want to move from our lovely, little, 2 bedroom house to a 3 bedroom house. 


Our honeymoon/holiday

Photo credit: Pinterest
So this year, we want to be the year we have a small weekend break, just the two of us as our "honeymoon," Somewhere like Italy, France, Germany, Belguim, ect... a little, city, weekend break. 
Then I would love a huge family "honeymoon" where we all get on a long haul flight to FLORIDA, disney world, universal studios, ect... two weeks of pure magic, with hopefully the "disneyland paris crew" too.
I've been before, but this time, hopefully it will be with my family, my husband, my two children? I don't know, it will be amazing, and Lucas will be in awe of it all.


Another big holiday? Another baby? 

If i'm completely honest, I have no idea, what route we'll take in 2020. I've always said i'd like more that two children, Brad has always been a little unsure, so we've always compromised that we'll see how it goes, see how we get on with two, see how we get on with our finances, ect...

We've always wanted to visit finland, and take Lucas to moomin valley, in moomin world, so would LOVE to take him, this may be this year, this may be another time in the future, We have no idea. 

This year could easily see a new baby, or pregnancy, another huge holiday, I actually don't know completely, but I know that after the huge plans for the 4 years before, that I'm determined to make this year AMAZING too. So we'll have to see where the world takes us. 

Can any of us truly say we know exactly what we'll be doing in 5 years time? 

If this plan was to happen, smoothly and in the order I've written it would amazing, and i'd be very happy, but things happen and we cannot plan the future completely.

I hope you enjoyed reading this.