5 January 2016


Dear little Lucas,

Today we've been hard at work, scrubbing, dusting, washing, tidying and hoovering. You've been the perfect little helper, and it wouldn't be this clean without your help, i'm sure.
Today you seem to have grown up within the matter of hours, you've been talking more (time to watch my language more), copying more, becoming more aware, and just being a complete, funny, little character.

So as well as helping mummy with cleaning, you seem to be showing signs of being ready to potty train? How is it, that a week ago, I was saying about being prepared to start potty training you in June and then today you randomly show signs of being ready?
You've just turned 19 months old, which in itself is absolutely barmy, you're looking more and more like a little boy, acting more and more like a little boy and basically, well, you are a little boy.

Today you started bringing my nappies when you needed a bum change, sometimes after maybe just one wee. Nanna just said that you've been doing this to her for a while now, pulling at your nappy when you were ready for a bum change, we must have not noticed these signs as we had no idea.

You then started freaking out after dinner, I couldn't understand why, then on smelling noticed, you'd been to the toilet. (I'm going to keep this quite clean, I understand that even as a parent, not everyone needs to read about bowel habits... P.S I'm not going to be taking photos or filming you on the toilet or potty either, i'm just not one of those people.)
I changed your bum and as we were just going up for a bath, didn't think to put another nappy on you, as that meant going upstairs, grabbing a nappy, going back downstairs, putting a nappy on, making your beaker of milk for bed, and then finally taking you upstairs to take it back off again.
I debated leaving it till we got upstairs, but you seemed to be really bothered by it.

All of a sudden, you start freaking out again. I'm halfway through making your beaker, and assume it's because you want to get in the kitchen. I finish the beaker, I call you to come upstairs and you start waddling towards me, you're not walking properly, you then don't climb the stairs properly and you're in a bit of state, we go into the bathroom, I start running your bath and I notice you're quiet and not upset. I then notice a puddle on the floor, you clock me notice it and get really upset, bottom lip and everything. I explained to you that it's okay, you're not in trouble and clean it up and you're quite satisfied with this.

As i'm typing this, it's just come back to me that after your bath, you let out a "bottom burp" (That takes me back to my childhood) and you say "Poo" at me, this is all totally clever and you should be so proud of yourself, although when you read this back as an adult, you're probably going to cringe at me so hard, I may save this post for you eighteenth birthday party. I'm totally joking... or am I. Lets say it all depends how nice you are to mummy when you're a teenager.

Anyway, I think we're going to see how you go with potty training, starting Thursday or Friday, we'll see how you go, we're going to go at your pace, and if you're not ready, then we'll stop, it's no rush and we don't mind at all.

You also, don't seem to want your bedtime beaker anymore, I think it's more stubborness that you're not having a bottle, but you go to sleep without either now, and that makes me super proud.

Thank you for being the bestest little helper today.
Thank you for being a clever little boy.
Thank you for being such a good boy.

I love you very much,