3 January 2016


Since starting work at New Look i've not had the whole weekend off. So this weekend we took the opportunity for well deserved, much needed, quality family time. 
Yesterday we spent the day, watching films, having a visit from Lucas' godfather, Mark, and just chilling. We then finished off with a 3 course meal, cooked by moi, as an anniversary treat, and then having quality Brad and Nicole time... watching Joe and Caspar hit the road.

Today despite the terrible weather, Brad and I eagerly watching the weather hour by hour, and were excited to see blue skies and could take Lucas on his first welly walk. I've been wanting to take him on a welly walk for as long as I can remember, and now he's confident on his feet, this meant we could do it.

So we put on Lucas' rain coat (puddy jax) and wellies (NEXT) and put him on his trike, and off we set.
We went to our local park "Riverside park." It's about a 30 minute walk, Max, from our house and is an absolutely beautiful little park, notorious for joggers, dog walkers and families.

 Lucas is adorable as he yells "GOG," at every dog that runs past him, he smiles and waves at other people too. He takes in all his surroundings now and is really switched on.
I hate the fact we don't drive, but when this is an easy walk away, why do you need too? It's got so much, and on the otherside of Riverside, you are at woodmill, a little river full of ducks and swans, a pitch and putt course, a bridge for pooh sticks and at the end is a little pub/restaurant. Thats actually a 30 minute, Max walk, if we go the opposite way from our house. Our house is basically in the middle of two ways to get to each end.

Once we'd got passed the HUGE, and I mean huge puddles, we let Lucas off his trike and let him walk. This is where we taught him to splash in puddles, he has his little Mickey mouse backpack (littlelife) which has reins you can attach too. We're currently using the reins as he's a little bit cheeky and runs off in the opposite direction, but as he gets older, it will just be his backpack.

We managed to get really lucky with this backpack, we were originally going to purchase it for Disneyland Paris, but because he wasn't walking properly then decided it wasn't worth paying out that sort of money. I went into Mamas and Papas last week and actually got really lucky and it was reduced to £17.95 so had to purchase it.

Originally Lucas was not too sure on splashing in the puddles, he was a little cautious and nervous, but once he saw myself and Brad splashing, that was it, we had to stop off in EVERY puddle and splash. This will be a novelty that wears off pretty quickly I am sure, especially when he jumps in them in his new white converse, but for now, it's the cutest.

We then attempted the park, and after sliding down the slide a couple of times, we all started to get chilly and everything else was really wet. Lucas will NOT keep a hat or mittens on for five minutes, so the struggle for that is real, and it means we can't keep him out for too long as his little ears and fingers get so chilly.

We finally ended up in our favourite little ice cream shop, recently renamed and rebranded "the songbird" it used to be cups and cones/Dora's cups and cones. Its such a sweet, pun intended, shop and obviously we didn't get Ice cream, we got hot chocolates, mochas, and "fluffy's."
Lucas had a fluffy which was warm milk and marshmellows, Brad had a mocha and I had a luxury hot chocolate.

It was such a lovely afternoon, one we should do more. We always look at the weather and go "eww it's all wet and dreary," and forget the fun we can have even in weather like this. We came home, to heating, we'd deliberately left on, had dinner and Lucas and I shared a lush bath bomb bath (Butterbear and peeping santa.)

socks from sainsburys
 We hope you've enjoyed our post, we're taking a new approach this year and hopefully my photography skills will play a huge part in it. We've vlogged today as we do everyday. So that we be live tomorrow at 5pm. Link to channel is HERE.

Thank you for reading!
lots of love