29 December 2015


SO... It's the 29th of December... how on earth has christmas been and gone already and now we're days away from 2016? I am so not ready for this. I thought i'd do a really short and sweet blog post on our family 3 days worth of christmas.

Lucas, Brad and myself were extremely spoilt. I even got myself a brand new canon SLR. The 1200D which films as well, which is extremely exciting for my main channel on youtube.
I also got some beautiful pineapple lanterns and perfume, make up, a load of lush bath bombs and so much more. We were well and truly spoilt and very overwhelmed by everyones generosity.
Lucas was also a very spoilt little boy, he got so much "biddey" (Mickey) stuff and olaf things. He got some Doc mcstuffins bits and this Doc mcstuffins check in centre, and a little tikes fire engine and loads more. He was a very spoilt little boy, but he's so worth it.

Lucas was so cute wearing his outfit from last year. Honestly it makes me realise how much he's grown up in a year.
This was the first year we've stayed at our house, we had people visit us and we made our first christmas dinner. We cooked for my brother, his girlfriend, Brad and Lucas. It was so tasty and really enjoyed being in our own home for christmas.

On the 26th, we went to my mums in the day and Lucas had more toys to open from my mum and her partner Gareth, these were presents to leave at her house for him to play with when he goes over there.

 We had bubble and squeak and pickles and had a relaxing day, like it's meant to be. It was lovely.
We then went to my nan's in the evening.

Finally our final day was yesterday, Brads dad came to visit and we had a catch up. It's officially the end of christmas now, we've just taken the tree down and now its over.

We hope you had an amazing christmas, we'll be back with main channel videos on December 31st/ January 1st. It all depends how quickly I get it filmed and edited and then it will be regular week videos on my main channel after that.  You can find our main channel here. We've been on a hiatus since the miscarriage so excited to come back with great HD quality too.

You can see our christmas day vlog here too on my second channel, where we vlog daily.

Thanks for reading our really short and sweet post, mainly to show off pictures of Lucas.

Lots of love,