24 December 2015


So last year we started a christmas eve tradition, it's a christmas eve box, filled with everything your little one will need for christmas eve evening. It seems like every man and his dog are doing them this year and I love seeing everyones different takes, different films, different books ect... It's such a cute idea and everyone does it slightly differently.

The christmas eve tradition for me and my brother as kids was we could open one present on christmas eve each and it was always one from a family friend, I wanted to do something a little different as we don't mid Lucas opening presents from friends early, as I want them to see his little face and for him to thank them himself as he gets older.

We got this cute, little, silver candy striped box from card factory for £1.99, I think and filled it with star tissue paper, which was actually 99p from card factory too!! 

Firstly in his box, is a little filled with hot chocolate powder and 3 marshmellows.  I got the pot from a pots and co dessert. We have used a cadburys hot chocolate powder and marshmellows from co-op.
We put them into a christmas tommee tippee bottle (Which we purchased last year for his box) We don't add the marshmellows to his hot chocolate as it would block the teat, so he just has the marshmellows to eat.
Lucas is a little to young to drink out of no lidded cup, and we dont have any beakers suitable for hot drinks, so he is drinking it out of a bottle.

Secondly, we have this cute, little christmas Olaf, which we purchased from the christmas shop in disneyland Paris. Lucas picked it out himself and we put him away for christmas and it's safe to say he adores him.

Thirdly, we chose this book, it was a couple of pounds from sainsburys, and thought it would be great, considering they're showing the film on TV tomorrow. He loves Julia Donaldson books and sits so nicely and listens to the whole book. I think it's the rhyming in the book that he likes.

Then we have the standard mince pie, carrot and a tiny milk bottle to be left for Santa. Like the hot chocolate powder we add this in the morning of christmas eve to avoid mouldy food!
The magic reindeer food, Lucas actually made at nursery, which is really cute, so we're excited to have this left out for the reindeers!

We then have Santa's magic key, although we do have a chimney, the fire place is boarded up, and we're too scared to un-board it. The thought of all the spiders and bird bones terrify me, so, sorry santa! Anyway, we have to leave Santa's magic key on the door handle of our front door, and just hope he locks the door behind himself when he leaves!!

The standard christmas eve necessity is christmas pyjamas!! These were from primark!

Then finally our traditional film! THE POLAR EXPRESS, this has been a tradition of mine and my brothers for years, so i'm so glad I can pass this onto my little boy. It's got such a cute story to it, beautiful illustrations and Tom Hanks' voice is in it, so it's such a great film. As I type up this post, we're watching it and Lucas is glued to it. 

So there you go, thats Lucas' christmas eve box! 
Happy christmas to you all! Have an amazing day, and thank you for all your support this year. 
What are your christmas traditions? Have you made your little ones a christmas eve box? 

Happy christmas again!
Lots of love