21 December 2015


All children find themselves hiding in curtains and playing boo with you, or in my case running in circles in the curtains, and then being so dizzy and having your hair stuck in the twisted curtain... you know what i'm talking about right?

If you ask anyone, they'll tell you that Lucas is the double of me as a baby, watching Lucas play in the curtains, reminded me of me as a child, and I had to get my camera out. When I was snapping it bought back all these memories and a strange feeling, as there is a picture, somewhere of me, doing exactly the same thing, around 6/7 i would say. It's strange watching Lucas do things, I did as a child.

Do you ever see your children doing something and it bring back a memory of something you've done in the past or have a picture looking exactly the same.
I know my mum is reading this too and I bet she knows the exact pictures i'm talking about too!